Bigg Boss 13 Week 5 Eliminations – These three contestants are eliminated during Weekend ka Vaar, read below

Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar

Bigg Boss 13 Week 5 is almost done and we’re approaching the weekend ka vaar episodes which will be aired on 2nd and 3rd November 2019. Also this will be the mid-season finale and it’s expected that as many seven wildcard contestants will enter Bigg Boss house this week.

During the weekend ka vaar episodes Salman Khan slams the organisers for creating such tasks which helps bottom most contestants to win and in turn go against people’s wishes saving them. He was mentioning about Paras and Mahira winning ticket to finale task. So now contestants whom people have voted for should be eliminated.

Three contestants are eliminated this week. These three are the one with lowest votes now as Paras and Mahira are safe. They’re Shefali with 1% vote, Devoleena with 3% vote and Rashami with 8% votes. All these three contestants are eliminated during this Saturday 2nd November 2019 Weekend Ka Vaar episode.

Are you happy with the elimination? Comment below.


  1. Its pathetic to see a crocodile like mahira as safe… she should be eliminated immediately if bigg boss wants trp coz she’s most boring element of this show

  2. Mahira is not at all deserving but since she is a favorite of Paras, she wins ticket to finale. Paras also win due to foolishness of Rashmi and Debolina.

    • Not happy at all… atleast they were seen performing every task with their own thoughts… it will be boring to see new contestants if thwy can’t stirs up things like Devo, Rashmi and Bagga.

  3. I’m happy with the elimination of rashmi bcoz i think she is not playing in a good way .. But i also want mahira to be eliminated she is the weakest contestant in bigg boss in my opinion.

    • @Lucky she was sharing the same position with Arthi but people have voted more for Arthi as they were unhappy with Rashami’s deed which leads Paras and Mahira to win

  4. Like seriously …. paras and mahira does not deserve ticket to finale… if devo gave order to asim then it would be tied but becz of less mind and for so called friendship …. she gave ticket to finale to the most undeserving candidates…
    Devo should be evicted from the show and please big boss cancel this task

  5. Yes very happy these 3 are devil of this game acha hua bahar jaye or paras or mahira ka kya next week fut lenge pasand hi kaun ktrta h unhe overacting krwalo or dusri se maslee krwalo ?

  6. The ones chosen for the elimination are good, but please also include Mahira. She is absolutely unworthy to be chosen as a winner for the next level. I hope the organizer’s will rethink and exclude Mahira totally. I hope to see a good elimination this weekend.

  7. Mahira needs to go for sure. What’s the point of voting if the tasks are created to potentially elevate the ones on the bottom? Implication is that public voting and opinion doesn’t matter.

  8. Rashmi deserved ticket to finale……. ..and Mahira and Asim doesn’t deserve ticket to finale….pls eliminate Mahira and Asim from the show

  9. One of the most disgraced show on TV. If you call this entertainment , then sorry to say you don’t have a life. Colors have already decided the winner, Siddharth S. If the contest think they will gain fame from degrading themselves , have no self respect and integrity. You can clearly see Arti , Siddharth S gang is protected by Colors and D*H* Salman. It is all rigidded and scripted. And for the three new housemates, they think they are too good. Siddharth S is the most arrogant , high headed dick head I have ever see.. What action did BB and DH Salman take about what happen to S Dey, his physically injured and no word from Salman, but if you swear, you get reprimanded told off by Salman…

  10. I am too happy
    Sabse weak contestent ko save kiye to yahi hoga na Devolina ko abhi bhi Gopi Bahu ka bhoot sir se utra nahi tha to anjaam to hona hi tha good

  11. Strictly on merit…I feel only Shefali should be eliminated. Rashmi and Devoleena are not my favourites, but are making the show interesting alongwith Sid, Aarti, Shenaaz. Asim has real potential and should play as a natural. Paras has an entertaining side and should make the most of this to be relevant.

  12. Yes we are happy bigboss remove shefali,devoleena and Rashmi they deserve this … They turned the game by giving lead to Paras They deserve this elimination

  13. Not at all satisfied with this elimination all strong contestants are eliminated from this season as they all deserve to get ticket to finale Rashmi and Devoleena deserve ticket to finale and Paras and Arti does not deserve this ticket .Bigg Boss plz change the elimination ???????

  14. Not happy with this week’s eviction truly disappointing the one who has to get the ticket to finale are evicted and the one who has to be evicted are getting ticket to finale .Very disappointing ??????

  15. Yes I am satisfied with the decision but I think Shefali is not deserved to be out from this house (Mahira is disserving but Paras safe her).

  16. I’m very happy Rashmi is doggli player and devolina diserve for her self she is not playing good game that a poor thing and Asim is win the show gauranteed who will agree with it

  17. Horrible, Rashmi had more votes than Aarti,Paras and Mahira,why you ask us to vote when all low votes are saved and Rashmi is been eliminated,the makers of this show you think we are fools utter nonsense,fake and scripted show.who will watch this show,only those have nothing to do will watch.

  18. I will miss u Rashami.. I never expected such thing that u got eviction.. here after m not going to vote any one.. I love you rashami… Mera bht kharab mood ho gya.. abhi big boss dekhney ka mann nhi hain.. kaas aap phir sey aa jao is khel main.. kaaaasssss?

  19. I’m happy that these 3 are out.
    But Mahira should have joined them, she is so irritating
    My favourite is Sidharth & Shenaz ♥️♥️♥️


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