Bigg Boss 13 Was Asim Riaz dating Shruti Tuli before proposing to Himanshi Khurana? Read below

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The overwhelming entry of Himanshi Khurana on the previous day in Bigg Boss 3 made Asim Riaz’s day. Not only this, Asim Riaz expresses his love to Himanshi Khurana in front of an open world. At the moment, the audience was not even filled with these very romantic moments that, while giving a glimpse of the upcoming episode, the makers dropped a bomb in front of the audience. Since then, the matter has been very hot since morning.

In fact, the makers had given a glimpse through a promo on the previous day that Vikas Gupta, the vicious player of Bigg Boss Season 11, who is called ‘Mastermind’ in the coming day, is going to enter Bigg Boss house. He is coming to the house by making connections with Sidharth Shukla. Only after this, he is about to open the unknown side of Asim Riaz in front of Shehnaaz Gill in the house after a while. He will tell Shehnaaz Gill that Asim had an affair with someone outside before coming into the house and they have started a new relationship with Himanshi without breaking up with her. Knowing this, Shehnaaz Gill is also going to be shocked.

But as soon as this news came out, since the morning Asim Riaz’s family members have made it clear that they have no affair with anyone outside. Meanwhile, Shruti Tuli, a friend of Asim Riaz and his brother Umar Riaz, has also jumped and made it clear that Asim (Asim Riaz) has no affair with anyone and who goes to the Vikas Gupta house They are speaking, it is a lie. Shruti Tuli has tweeted by saying, ‘This is a lie. Aseem is not dating anyone outside. This is another attempt to discredit him. ‘

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But in such a situation, the question arises that how Shruti Tuli is so much pure and why she is saying all this. However, there are reports that it is Shruti Tuli who is the girlfriend of Asim Riaz. But she herself is denying this. Recently, when Entertainment Portfolio Spotboyi spoke to the actress about this with Shruti Tuli, she said that Asim Riaz has no affair with anyone outside the house and Vikas Gupta He is speaking such a big thing without any proof so that he too becomes infamous like Paras Chhabra. Well, now that she herself is denying this, what can we say. But do you also think that ‘mastermind’ Vikas Gupta has a trick to tarnish the image of Asim Riaz. You can comment your opinion by telling us.


  1. Vikas Gupta has to say SORRY PUBLICLY if he has no proof of the AFFAIR. When the girl herself denies having an Affair with Asim how did Gupta know. Is he a Jyotish. Just to tarnish Asims image he can’t say anything like that. He is ASIM not Paras chabra. If Salman is really just and fair he should ask Gupta why he lied.


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