Bigg Boss 13 Voting Trends 31st October Week 5 – Which of the four contestants will get eliminated this week?

bigg boss 13 voting week 5

Today will be the last day to vote for your favourite Bigg Boss 13 contestants as tomorrow the voting polls closes and based on the results upto four contestants will get eliminated this week. There will be four new wild card entries this weekend after mid-season finale and all these contestants have already entered the secret room and observing the contestants playing Bigg Boss delivery task.

This weekend will air Bigg Boss 13 mid-season finale and it’s expected that as many as four people will get eliminated on Sunday 3rd November 2019. Also this week all the contestants are nominated for elimination and hence fans are eager to vote on Voot app or online to save their favourite contestant.

Who will get eliminated this weekend? Bigg Boss Voting Results Today

  • Asim Riaz is sitting on top with 25% vote and is crowd favourite. He is appreciated and rewarded by audience for his honesty and simplicity. They just love and adore him
  • Sidharth Shukla has gained the top spot too and shares 25% vote with Asim, he has beaten Shehnaaz to gain this spot after his fans started trending hash tags supporting him.
  • Shehnaaz has fallen down to third place and has 24% vote, her fans in Punjab won’t let her down and she is staying in the house.
  • Rashami is at no. 4 with just 8% vote. She is a big disappointment for fans, she was expected to perform well and even win BB 13 but in this stage she is in danger of elimination
  • Arti Singh is at number 5 with 8% vote, Though she appears good her attitude at times irritates audience and she is in danger of elimination
  • Paras at no. 6 is in danger of elimination with just 3% vote and he is trying to get safe by winning ticket to finale. We have to wait and watch if he wins ticket to finale.
  • Mahira at no. 7 is in danger of elimination with just 3% vote and she is trying her best to stay in the game by winning ticket to finale
  • Devoleena with 3% vote may get eliminated this weekend.
  • Shefali with just 1% vote will definitely get eliminated this weekend unless there is some twist

    Bigg Boss 13 Voting Online

    • Voting through Voot App – You can install Voot app from Play Store or Apple Store and search for Bigg Boss 13. There is a voting banner and login and vote for your favourite contestant
    • Voting through MyJio App – Use MyJio app and vote for your favourite contestant by clicking on Bigg Boss 13 voting banner
    • Vote online in Voot website –

    You can vote at our voting poll to get instant results about your favourite contestants

    Vote for your favourite contestants

    Sidharth Shukla
    Paras Chhabra
    Mahira Sharma
    Rashami Desai
    Shefali Bagga
    Arti Singh
    Asim Riaz


    1. Sab ke sab Siddharth sir ke piche kyuu padh hai agar wo apne liye khel rahe hai to une khelne dona devolina medam Rashmi Mem Shefali medam had hai yarr aap log pura din bs Siddharth ye Siddharth wo bs yarr aap logo ko problem Kiya hai unse

    2. Shiddharth sir you are best sir aap aese hi khelo bina kisi ki sune khas kar ke Rashmi Desai sab ae badi villen hai or devolina medam hai plzzz sabhal ke sukhla sir

    3. Bigboss audience not happy apke bakwas unfair task se … Mahira nothing in the house please remove her this week … Mahira bas Paras ke saath dono bekar Hain … Really bigboss dekhne ab mood nhii… Unfair with shukhla team

    4. Apne kaise Arti aur Asim ko save hone ke baad bhi snake ladder task me nominate Kiya waise hi Mahira Aur Paras ko finale se nikalo … Shukla team deserve to enter finale we all know … Mahira kuuuu ????? Paras kuu??2?? Mahira nothing in the show from beginning Bakwas hai roke bheek le liya..this week nikalo warna we hate bigboss

    5. Mahira ,devoleena ko this week nikalo warna run your unfair, boring bigboss ..dey bhii game khelta kuch nhii karta Mahira to waste hai jelous sana se Paras ke saath attitude me rehti m rich , beautiful, hot my foot

    6. bigg boss public voting ke bad 1st & 2nd peche rehejate he last two contestants 5 weeks me finale me chale jate he e thik nehi he kyun ki ghar me majority bale jitteh he voting ka koi matalab nehi he. please bigg boss apke decision jo hoga thik hoga.

    7. Majority team paras ki hai fir usi team ki resmi task ka leader hai isma task krne ka kiya faida majority hi vote jeeti hai majority hi govt.banate hai vote dene ki koi faide nahin

    8. Mahira doesn’t deserve to be in finale but how sad the least deserving person is safe cos of devolina she shouldn’t have done it

    9. hum itne saal se bigg boss dekh rahe ha but kal k bigg boss me dekhee gee k shukla ku bigg boss ghar se nikal dege tu jo mahira or paras itna galt kar rehe ha onee kyu nahi nikla ja raha

    10. Sidharath what man is his . Not even giving the respect girls.fighting with continuously watching it from 6 weeks.what character he has.not even being with any1

    11. No 1 is targetting sidharath.he is getting targetted to every 1.he knows how to play bigg boss so he is targetted to from every1 and becoming famous .he is double faced human.


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