Bigg Boss 13 Voting Online Week 19 – Who will get eliminated this week? Vote Below


Bigg Boss 13 has reached a crucial stage where all the contestants are fighting hard to stay in the game. Today being Wednesday 05th February 2020 it’s time for nomination task where at the end of the task Bigg Boss will nominate few contestants for elimination voting. People can vote to save their favourite contestants online or through voot app. With just seven contestants remaining there will be a big fight among them to win this task to save themselves from nominations. Sidharth Shukla, Asim Riaz and Rashami Desai won the elite club task but they cannot use the Elite Club privilege to save themselves from nomination this week.

Bigg Boss 13 Week 19 Nomination Task

There was no nomination task this week. Bigg Boss announced that all the contestants will be nominated this week and this nomination will decide the finalists. However, Bigg Boss also emphasized that the Elite club members cannot use their privilege for this week.

Bigg Boss 13 Week 19 Eviction Nomination List

With just seven contestants remaining it will be a heated event tonight during elimination nomination. The contestants nominated are

  • Shehnaaz Gill
  • Sidharth Shukla
  • Arti Singh
  • Asim Riaz
  • Rashami Desai
  • Paras Chabbra
  • Mahira Sharma

Bigg Boss 13 Voting Online Week 19

  • Voting through Voot App – You can install Voot app from Play Store or Apple Store and search for Bigg Boss 13. There is a voting banner and login and vote for your favourite contestant
  • Voting through MyJio App – Use MyJio app and vote for your favourite contestant by clicking on Bigg Boss 13 voting banner
  • Vote online in Voot website –

You can vote at our unofficial TheNewsCrunch voting poll to get instant results about your favourite contestants:

Vote for Bigg Boss 13 Finale Winner

Arti Singh
Asim Riaz
Paras Chhabra
Rashami Desai
Shehnaaz Gill
Sidharth Shukla


  1. Asim riaz is big boss 13 120day over all time the world biggest friends loveing game asim asim riaz histroy heart break biy always chioce actor grand final topyh yur winner asim wishes full hope big boss tur bro and sisters all from canada

    • I think you type while you was sleeping, 50million fans for Sidharth even shenaaz has more fan than Asim. So either sid or Shenaaz

  2. Asim riaz all friends European British France Canada save Italy SOUDI Arabia Dubai qater Bahrain Turkey Scotland’s Nederland Germany india yur friend jinsena www the world fast hero histoey bigboss 25millom crossin

  3. Asim hii jite ga..biggboss 13.because he is honest person. And he is stand for all of those who was wrong…#asimkeaslifan

  4. Hi big boss hi team trc welcome all brother and sisters thanks for all team siddershukla gadder physical attack shutiya not nay bollywood sem siddart very bamanee big bewafa gadder sid arti 8yersa friend not top5 Sid big animal sorry big boss sud very big gadder all time in show

  5. Gadder shukla shotiya gadder????????????????????????????????????????sorry big boss iam big friends bigboss this man sid very nathing shukla arti 9years religion killing shukla very bad not any one bollywood aor film industry sem sud big animal

  6. Hi bro and sister hi big boss welcomes sid very bad desitions today gadder one cheating zero arti sing she is very good actress sid loser gadder shukla shotiya crossing sid not bolly wood actor shotiya gadder shukla shotiya

  7. Arti sing sorry yur chioce all brothers and sisters don’t worry only like Asim riaz good best friends ok accept enemy gadder smoker drinkin man Sid shutiya not actor bolly wood only sid januwar

  8. Asim riaz yur are great lovely man yur bro and sisters all together wathing wishes congrillution tophy grand final to insha Allah this seasons 13 yur lucky from my Canada

  9. Sana made this show entertaining and papular compare to the other contestants she is very real, and always get the show going with something to talk about. She made us laugh and cry with her. She deserves to Winn As I know this may not happen But she will definitely be in the finals. Bigg boss should consider this.

  10. Hi big boss team welcome this seasons royally this time now weeks not important votin sure Asim riaz good winner 134over the world suppotin asim more more like international community follwing asim riaz

  11. Asim riaz follwing popular Asim all friends like Asim riaz hero indain bombay dahli Hyderabad all city asim frieds bolly wood actor actess John sena comeing voting winner asim ok accept

  12. God is great the world suppoting Asim riaz good best hero cute smile ok holly wood inter this histroy heart in big boss plyer for asim sure ok winner tophy thanks you mr.john sena wwe


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