Bigg Boss 13 Voting Online: These 4 Contestants are nominated for eviction, save your favourite from voting like this


BIGG BOSS 13: 4 contestants have been nominated for homelessness this week in Bigg Boss 13. You can vote online and offline to keep your favourite contestants on the show.

BIGG BOSS 13, Nominated Contestants, Voting Online, Voot: Salman Khan’s show BIGG BOSS 13 is getting a lot of love from the audience. Like every season, there is a lot of excitement about this season. If you are following Bigg Boss, then some contestant will like you and you will also want to keep your favourite contestant in the show. You can vote (bigg boss 13) to protect your favorite contestant in the show. Today we will tell you how you can vote in Bigg Boss.

Online Voting: To vote online, you can vote (bigg boss 13) by visiting the official site of Bigg Boss . Apart from this, you can also vote through the mobile app. To vote with the mobile app, first you need to download the Voot app on your mobile phone. It has to be logged in with Facebook or Gmail account. After that on the home page, you will find a banner to vote for Bigg Boss 13 contestants. When you click on it, you will get the option of Vote Now, by clicking on it, you can vote to protect the nominated contestants.

Bigg Boss 13 Elimination Voting Results for First Elimination

Who should be saved this week in Bigg Boss 13?

Rashami Desai
Shehnaaz Gill
Dalljiet Kaur
Koena Mitra

Offline Voting: You can also resort to offline voting to save your favorite contestant in Big Boss. Bigg Boss has a missed call number and SMS code for each contestant which is shown on the TV screen during the telecast of the show. You can call that number and vote. It is known that only one vote is counted from a mobile number.

Let us tell you that the second week of Bigg Boss 13 started with the nomination process. This week, male contestants got the power to nominate female contestants for elimination. In the nomination task, Paras Chhabra nominated Shahnaz Gill while keeping Mahira Sharma safe. Siddharth secured Arti and nominated Rashmi Desai for eviction. Siddharth Dey secured Shefalli and nominated Dalljiet. Aseem and Abu Malik secured Devloeena and nominated Koena. Thus, in the second week, Rashami Desai, Shahnaz Gill, Daljeet Kaur and Koena Mitra have been nominated for eviction.

As of today these is how voting results are for week 2 of BB 13:

  • Rashami Desai – 19%
  • Shahnaz Gill – 45%
  • Daljeet Kaur – 19%
  • Koena Mitra – 17%

It’s likely that Koena Mitra will get eliminated on week 2 of Bigg Boss 13. What’s your thoughts, comment below.



  1. i just wanna say that among all the girls ,the most beautiful and attractive one is shefali bagga,,i am from pakistan but i admit that she is dominent all the girls in you shefali

  2. My Message is for Shehnaaz Gill i know you will win this show definitely but don’t trust Paras he is playing games with u r Feelings. Please Salman Bhai Pass my message to Shehnaaz gill.

  3. Sana is entertaining and fun loving full of positive attitude, we would like to see her as winner. Also she can make connection with Sid Shukla , both will rock onscreen.

  4. Rashmi Desai u r the best , awesome.i m your & sid Shukla’s biggest I have requested to you both don’t fight.all the best Rashmi..biggest love from Gujarat.please Salman bhai pass my massage to the Rashmi Desai.

  5. Rashmi Desai you are awesome,good .I m your & sid Shukla’s biggest fan.i have request to both of you don’t fight.all the best Rashmi. Please Salman bhai pass massage to the Rashmi Desai.

  6. I like Sana , Sana tum Acha khel rahi ho , please ab paras trust mat krna , je sab ladkiyon ke sath game khel Raha hai, Double minded hai je paras

  7. Hello, I am sunny from London and I am big fan of Big Boss
    Why they are not playing well 16/10/2019
    It’s not good shouting not listening anybody specially Siddhart Shukla…..
    And speak little load so we can listen properly please Salman you should do something nice

  8. Salman pass my message to Asim please don’t speak English this is Hindi show because some family don’t understand English and also give some to Abu Ji

  9. Why Siddharth Shukla don’t listen to anybody.. He has to listen others point what they try to say but no he don’t like it
    Why, Why, Why, Why
    My all family watching this show and we’re little disappointed

  10. Sana is too good
    Paras playing nice ?
    Shifali please don’t go personal like you had a argue with Paras about you’re kids all and that otherwise all the best all of you guys

  11. Hello Salman for today task it’s was good….
    Sorry to say this Siddharth Shukla things before what he says anything but he doesn’t go to anybody parents and sister and Siddharth Shukla has mum and dad so today for me Siddharth Shukla it’s bad don’t know what to say and bad bahiviour very very bad ????

  12. Paras is very nice because the way he’s explaining nicely
    We know Paras love Sana but, I don’t know what’s her mind
    Sana playing nice and she should understand Paras respect Sana more than anyone
    Salman I am thankful for you silent bad language when the abuse We don’t want to hear

  13. Sana is going well. ND u Paras pls don’t play double game …play ur real .who u are.ok.and dont play with feelings of Sana .and Siddharth Shukla nd rashami don’t fight .play quitely ok.

  14. Devo Rashmi I am happy for both of you and welcome to Bigg boss house again Devo and Rashmi Aap log bahut achcha khel rahe hai aise hi khelte rahiye all the best both of you

  15. Bigg boss ka bigg vilan bigg khalnayak
    Shukla hai. Siddh mai bhot attitude hai bigg boss ka bigg pagal hai usse to mai thandda karoga…


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