Bigg Boss 13 Voting 2nd December 2019 – What happens today and who gets nominated for eviction?

bigg boss 13 week 7 voting online

Bigg Boss 13 is entering Week 10 on December 2, 2019 and since it’s the start of the week a lot action is expected. The housemates wakes up to song “Ruk Ruk Ruk Are Baba Ruk”. Then Vishal and Asim are planning to boycott Sidharth Shukla’s captaincy if they don’t get rations or supplies to cook. Also the wildcard contestants are given a task, they have to get maximum reactions from housemates. Housemates begin their day worrying about the ration. Usually, they receive their ration for the week post Weekend Ka Vaar. But as Bigg Boss mentioned, the housemates would suffer if the winning team doesn’t return their luxury budget items. The winning team’s decision backfires Wildcard Contestants Madhurima, Arhaan Khan & Shefali Bagga have to seek maximum reactions from the housemates. If the three succeed in this task, they will get immunity from the next nominations.

The task for wild card entrants didn’t go well for them. Later they enters House with their Bags, which Suprised all housemates as they were thinking that they cam here just of the task. This is how the housemates react for wildcard entrants:

  • Rashami Desai happy for Arhaan Khan
  • Shehnaz Gill and Paras Chhabra for Shefali Bagga
  • Vishal Adthya Singh ignores Madhurima Tuli

Later Madhurima Tuli talks about their differences and Vishal statements about their relationship in the media. Madhurima warns him that she is here to play the game of Bigg Boss and he is ‘Who he is today’, because of them being together. She also said how co-operative she was to be a part of dance show Nach Baliye 9.

Arhaan khan brings a special surprise for Rashami and takes a plunge to confess their love for each other. While Arhaan Confirmed to Media they will not tie knot in Bigg Boss. But you will see their Romance and engagement may happen.

Also for all those waiting for nominations task, No Nomination task in Today’s episode. Only Wild Card Entrants get chance to immune themselves from next week nominations and they failed to do it. So the wild card entrants are nominated for next week eviction.


  1. Sid is the worst person in the BB13. Ghamandy saand, his ghamand will be broken when he be in the final but won’t win the trophy. Rude, disrespectful to women and friends, untrustworthy, playing game not real, abusive, arrogant, all the bad qualities in one person. The good side is not enough to justify his infinite bad behaviors. Colors and BB13 are promoting him to be the king and winner but he is a complete loser.

    • Dear I think you are concentrating on darkside by ignoring whole brightside.So far sidhart is concerned I found he is so honest and logical always.Since all blames to sidhart made by other contestants like Asim,Himanshi,Shifali new etc were proved false by the bigboss and salman Khan.I personally observed it is Sidhart by whom the bigboss is having such incredible trp.All is around sidhart either it is Honesty,target,Aggression,Romance,Friendship etc.Honesty he has proved it at every aspect.Romance u might have seen,Friendship,it is due to his frindship with Asim,Asim is getting popularity.If u check the google u would find that more than 50% contribution in the whole house belongs to sidhart (audience polls).Since Sidhart was already popular and due to his honesty and logicalness.As a researcher, I didnt find him ilogical till yet.Dear See how Asim provoked him but he didnt talk about his personal life while Paras just in few minutes opend his personal life.See Sidhart is already very popular and worked with big guns in the industry and Asim is new and is not much familar etc. than Sidhart.Sidhart is wll aware about that but still Sidhart did not tell hm u r baby and u did not work anywhere and I have worked with graet personalities etc….which inidcates his down to earth behivious…Sidhart is very poor in Backbiting while all others are very rich in it…
      This is my personal revew Dear
      Thank you

  2. Sid is aggressive but never talk non-sense like other house mate. Never target any particular person with influence of other or groups (like Rashami, Paras, Mahira, Shefali Jariwala and Shenaz do always). He is louder but not harmful to others.

  3. Rest are using him

    Sidharth is best and only watching big boss because of Sidharth

    One of my fave contestant than any other seasons


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