Bigg Boss 13 Vindu Dara Singh and Manu Punjabi slams Rashami Desai, read details


The fight between Rashmi Desai and Sidharth Shukla in Bigg Boss 13’s house is not taking the name of the end. Due to this fight, people are seen divided on social media. On the one hand some people have come out in support of Sidharth Shukla, on the other hand some people are trying to justify Rashami.

Celebrities as well as former Bigg Boss contestants have jumped into this fight and everyone is involved in trying to give their perspective on this fight. Talking about Vindu Dara Singh and Manu Punjabi, who were part of this show, both of them have held Rashami Desai responsible.

Manu Punjabi has put forth his point in a tweet. Manu Punjabi, who was a part of Bigg Boss, has written that “Rashmi Desai is no less. When Siddharth has said something wrong, what was the need to say wrong to you. In the midst of the fight, she abuses mother, sister and then says that Sidharth is wrong. While inside, you say that I will look outside and see inside too… you please shut up a little.”

See below the tweet by Manu Punjabi

At the same time, he has retweeted a photo of Vindu Dara Singh, in which it is written that if you hate women card players, then retweet this post. Vindu has retweeted this post and it is clear that he too is against Rashami Desai’s attitude.

See below: Retweet by Vindu

For the time being, let me tell you that along with Salman Khan Rashami, Sidharth Shukla is also going to be heard very well. In such a situation, it will have to be seen whether in the coming days both of them calm down at home or not?

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    1. Ok Rashmi was total wrong and I am not a fan of her. But how long can one just shut the hell up. To be called a slut indirectly, assassins character. And it is not only demeaning for a woman but for a human being. The men and the women in the BB house are spineless entertainers and it’s cheap to watch how the “celebritys” really are. It would be better to watch them on serials rather than reality shows. Because they own bad personalities.

      • Absolutely right. I used to like Sid but how much a person could take. As soon as he came back from hospital he started to say nasty things abt Rashmi. Sid could be famous person, girls could be attracted to him but he is not a good hearted man that’s for sure. Girls watch out, whoever is the next women in his life…

    2. Well those who are sympathetic towards rashmi are real stupid reason she got she instigated pani izzat apne haaath Hoti hai…..she was so abusive that shows her real personality…… right from the begging of the show she started talking about Sid bad mouthing …..sidnever talked about her ….. she use to say yeh Ganda admi hai ….. she cannot digest that she will not be in top three … she has lost …… bogbosss that toooo against Sid …so she is feeling embarrassed how she can lose and public is liking Sid …..Arhaan plan was to break Sid and asim and stupid asim did that because he is selfish. And irritating stupid and alll the gal is that Rashmi has uttered in the show ………Vishal was already planning with his gang that he willl fight with Sid …..side character and so is mudhuor what ever her name is Rashmi …????????????????????asim???????????????? Arhaan ????????

    3. East or west Sid is the best????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    4. Sid is the stronger then earlier.whenever whi enter bb house thet appriciate sid.and other bb people watching.that is why sid ko side line karnay may jutt gaye sub..but meray liaye sid k ilawa koi winner wali quality ka nahi in bb house..

    5. Sid is the stronger then earlier.whenever who enter bb house that appriciate sid.and other bb people watching.that is why sid ko side line karnay may jutt gaye sub..but meray liaye sid k ilawa koi winner wali quality ka nahi in bb house..

    6. I was biggest fan of Sid, but now this is too much. Don’t want to watch the show anymore coz they r fighting all the time. Rashmi and Sid both needs to go out and continue their fight outside, we don’t have time to see all BS.

      • I am also big fan of Sidharth. He deserves to be the winner. But i guess it would be the makers and channel people to decide the winner at the end. As they have been trying to give rashmi chance after chance to make a strong hold in the house and enough footage to make it atleast to the top four. But for me the top 4 should be Paras, Shenaz,Asim and Sidharth.


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