Bigg Boss 13 Vikas Gupta comes to support Asim Riaz on Twitter


The fight with Bigg Boss 13 has seen a ruckus on these social media. Everyone is seen making comments, supporting their favourite contestants. After Gauhar Khan, Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta, now known as Bigg Boss ex Contestant and Mastermind, now appeared in support of Asim Riaz. Vikas Gupta wrote about Asim Riaz on social media- ‘Asim Riaz does more work than the rest of the family. Moreover, there is a passion for winning the show.

Vikas Gupta further wrote- ‘At this time there are such people in the house that even 1 in 10 does not work as compared to Aseem. All those members do not have even 1% of 100 to win the show. Let us tell you, in the episode of Weekend’s War, all the families were seen targeting Asim Riaz for not doing bathroom duty. During this time it was seen that Bigg Boss house was completely dirty from the kitchen area to the living room. Seeing the dirt spread by the house, Salman Khan suddenly entered the house and cleaned the house.

But all the people present in the house heard only Asim Riaz that he did not clean the bathroom. During this time nothing was said about anyone not working. Vikas Gupta appeared to support Gauhar Khan Asim Riaz by doing this subject. He questioned this behavior of the family members. Also, Asim Riyaz was told to be true. Well, in the house of Bigg Boss, all the contestants are seen celebrating the new year. Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz will be seen face to face again in this task.



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