Bigg Boss 13 Updates – Sidharth Shukla not evicted from Bigg Boss house, here’s what happened?

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The sensational news from yesterday night 4th of November is that Sidharth Shukla has been eliminated from Bigg Boss house. Infact the promo was showing that Sidharth is asked to leave the house as he pushed Mahira during the Bigg Boss transport task. But videos are clearly showing that Mahira provoked Sidharth and came between which lead him to push her.

Is Sidharth Evicted from the house?

Now various news were saying that Sidharth Shukla walked out of the house, while some were saying he is in secret room. But now the news breakers of Bigg Boss @TheKhabri and @BiggBoss_Tak have revealed that Sidharth Shukla is not evicted from Bigg Boss house. He is infact given two week continuous nomination for elimination as a punishment. Are you happy with this decision?

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  1. mahira , paras tu thee pagal ik or aa geaa arhaan jinka bas ik he fanda ha ke shukla or asim ku tang kar k ghar se nikal na , humre tu jahe advice ha mahira , paras or arhaan ku k je app k chahne se nahi hoga , gahr k bahar public sab dekh rahe ha KYU K JE JO PABLIC HA SABB JANTE HA…….. hum shukla , asim or sana ko he vote karte ha

  2. But videos are clearly showing that Mahira provoked Sidharth and came between which lead him to push her.

    Then why bigboss given two week continuous nomination for elimination as a punishment.

    Insted two week nomination he should kept in screat room for few days.

    Bande mey kuch tu baat hai, esi leye sare supporter uske saat hai

  3. How about Siddharth being pushed by Paras, even he fell down, Mahira just instigates, making those degrading sounds and showing shoes to his face not once but twice so far, come on this is all so one sided thing, he is an awesome person with so much dignity and honesty. Let him get nominated and keep coming out safe every week to prove to those inside what viewers think of him ?

  4. Dear friend if sidhhartha sukla out from bigboss any kind off reason i will not seen big boss from today sidhhartha is hiro off house same gautam gulati if you all target 1 perso every body shuld be crazy he never gone 1st fight with anyone nad never back biting personally i love sukla love you sukla your are the winner for me

  5. Bigg boss ke ghar me bahot sare log he unme se..sidhharth sukla and asim dono badhiya khel rahe he…voh kisi ko bina baat k kuch nahi karte..aur mahira pahele din se bol rahi hai..mujhe sukla pasand nahi he..toh dur raho sukla se…voh moka dhundhati he aur shukla ko provoke karati.action ka reaction toh dena hi padta hai..

    shukla and asim both are you both

  6. Mahira, Paras n Arhaan Ko pehele nikalo unlog sirf Siddharth Shukla or Asim k piche pade hai. Siddharth game accha Khel Raha hai. I love Siddharth

  7. Siddharth is the best contestant this season. He is a thorough gentleman and has great screen presence. The show is revolving around him. All the other contestants are trying desperately to gain some footage by engaging with him, either positively or negatively.


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