Bigg Boss 13 Ticket to Finale Winner Week 5 – Who won Ticket to finale by winning Food delivery task, read below

bigg boss 13 week 5 ticket to finale

Bigg Boss 13 is entering a phase where the contestants are fighting to stay as it’s slowly approaching mid-season finale and more than four contestants are getting eliminated. Hence each contestant is working hard to ensure they win ticket to finale so that they wont get eliminated this week during mid-season finale weekend ka vaar.

Who Won ticket to finale in Bigg Boss 13 Home Delivery Task

First Order by Devoleena to Paras and Paras has now got one order. Second Order by Shehnaaz to Asim and Asim has got one order now. Third Order by Shefali and there was no delivery during this order. Fourth Order is by Mahira to Paras and now he has got two orders. Fifty Order is by Rashami to Paras again and now he has got three orders. Six Order is by Arti to Asim and now Asi has got three orders. Seventh Order is by Shefali to Asim and now Asim has got three orders. Then finally Rashami delivers one more order to Paras and now with four orders Paras won the task. It’s most likely he will take with him Mahira as the ticket to finale winner. Do you agree with this result? Comment below


  1. Rashmi is so jealous of ??????? “Team ShuklaL” we already knew the result of this task ???????no brain was required .”Shukla is the clear cut ????????so poor. ?????Rashmi and paras the loser.enjoy this task not the trophy

    • Rashmi would have played a fair game. But the question which has been asked by Aarti on personal issue and directly blaming her, trying to make Rashami bad image in front of camera, anybody will do what Rashami did .eventhough Rashmi gave chance to Aarti to do delivery. And every one Knew this Dat if Asim will win that task, den he will definitely support Aarti. If Aarti would not have blamed on her without any proof, den Rashmi would have played fair game, as Aarti was her best friend too. N she would have tried to save Aarti. During dat time it was not a game. It was about Rashmi self respect too. N she is not their mother to forgive their mistake . Secondly Aarti is physically hitting and hurting to other team, in which other team getting badly injured. I wish Salman scold Shukla team also. N tell to Shukla to teach the lesson not to physically hurt including Shukla himself . As its not Dangal. I have noticed also dat Shukla motivates his team to attack physically also to other team.

  2. Sidharth shukla was so aggressive and asim also they don’t use brain to play game and Rashmi and Paras uses his brain to play game so Paras will win the Bigg boss 13 Sidharth shukla getting jealous by Rashmi

  3. Mujhe pta tha game 1 side se khela jayega jo glt h .mahira and paras game me aage Jane layak Nhi h. individual koi Nhi khel rha h do team me khela ja rha h. big boss kvi v sidharth Arti shehnaz asim ko kvi mouka hi Nhi dete h. isliye mujhe bahot bura lga. game 1side se khela ja rha h isliye ab mja Nhi aa rha h dekhne me so irritating game

  4. Paras and mahira are very good and they only got that as well as above seventh order was not given by shefali it was given by devoleena to paras according to this the paras has 4 order and now he wins and he chooses mahira which is absolutely correct i like them mahira is the best of all….when she fights she fights with heart and when she dont fight means she dont fight….

  5. Rashmi n Devoleena are the worst player in bb13 and they shld b thrown of the house … Rashmi is the most pathetic girl n the worst player n worst human being on earth.. bloody bitches.. if this way games continues which is totally one sided then plp ll stop watching Bigg Boss…throw them out

  6. Rashmi is gud player nd play very well dusri team wale bhi hote to wo wahi karte or game h yaha akele koi nai age badh skta suruat me frnds group bnanne padte h so fine..

  7. Rasmi Ka dikhta h aur aarti Ka nhi dikha Snack wale task me aarti sahnaz aur sukla ko khelne de raha h jabki indono KO sidhi dikhi v nhi
    Asim aur sukla rose wale game me dikha nhi Jada dikhta h jabki wo log team bana ke khel raha h batao kon larka rashmi KO nominate hone se bachaya h dekha jay to rashmi apni badaulat abhi tak ki jannury par ki h

  8. Rashmi and Devolina both r worst. And this task was cleared tht rashmi team gonna win. Worst task. Rasmi was unfair. Bigboss was unfair.

    • This is one of the worst game set by Big Boss. How can Big Boss set a game where he allows the lowest vote gainer to reach to finale.
      This way Big Boss is insulting the public opinions. This is sixth time Big Boss has changed his own decisions and cheated the public.
      Now this show has become totally scripted show. Big Boss was knowing the outcome and that’s why he made this game to save Paras and Mahira to keep love angel in next show.

      The decision should be reversed and contestants should be eliminated based on public voting. Don’t cheat the public.
      Due to all his BB has gone out of top 5 TRP rating and KBC and Kapil Sharma show got entry to top five as an alternative to BB.

  9. Game ke adhar par ticket to finale choose nahi karna chahihe, kyu ki game to one sided horahahe…so big boss have to choose ticket to finale according to voting , those who gets high vote than definitely that persons should get ticket to finale

    • If contestants had to finalise ticket to finale then why Big Boss asked public to vote and then insulted them by ignoring their voting result.

  10. Its a shame to the girls being so biased and not playing fair game except for Arti and Shenaaz.
    The best players to go in the finale are Sodharth Shukla,Azim,Shenaaz & Arti.
    The rest are not worth it.
    All the best to Shukla Team.

  11. There is one person playing well the whole game from the beginning..till now…….. Siddharth Shukla….he will definitely…win big boss 13 season…


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