Bigg Boss 13 these 3 contestants to get eliminate from Bigg Boss show for doing physical fight inside the house

paras mahira shehnaaz week 5 eliminaition

Contestants are given a big list of rules and regulations before they step into Bigg Boss house. Many such rules are written in this list, if they’re viloated then the contestants can be punished severely. The biggest rule in this list is that in any situation, do not lose your cool and raise your hands on the co-constants. If any of the contestants do this, they can be evicted from the house.

Mahira Sharma and Shefali Zariwala get heated up during the Captaincy Task (Three Demons) and Mahira Sharma loses consciousness in the past. Shefali is infuriated by this act of Mahira and she also pushes Mahira. Now in such a situation, if Mahira made a mistake, Shefali too got angry and raised her hands on him. Now, as per the rules of Bigg Boss, both of them have violated the orders, then in the coming days, both of them will get reprimanded by Salman Khan and as a punishment both of them can be eliminated from Bigg Boss house.

Talking about the third contestant, it is Siddharth Shukla who is going to raise his hand on Asim Riaz in tonight’s episode. Siddharth will be seen arguing with Aseem Riyaz about household chores and during this time the matter will go so far that Sidharth Shukla will push Asim. After Mahira and Shefali, Siddharth too has made the same mistake and if the makers take the rules made by them seriously, then this week, all these three contestants can be eliminated. Do you think it can happen? Comment below.



  1. This season looks quite scripted and one side Salman also supports Sid even if he is wrong.. and Sana no self respect.. looks like she had been asked to patch up with Sid which we even saw on weekend episode .. so it’s quite clear Sid and Sana going in top 3..

  2. Hi big boss13 welcomes yara all teera13
    Asim high standard of living great wellplay everyday fire speak sweets smile cute beutiful playing hero asim riaz good

  3. For me Sid is no no, no manners to talk to women, no courtesy, just ready to fight like a bull anytime any how.
    Asim kept piling up for so many days and now giving Sid right left centre. Good kohi toh diya thakkar Sid ko.


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