Bigg Boss 3 Tamil – Why should Losliya Win Bigg Boss title, an analysis for our readers

bigg boss 3 tamil title winner losliya

We all have high hopes that Mugen would be the winner of this show but silently Losliya is catching up on votes. Thanks to Losliya and Kavin army they’re making people vote for Losliya. If Kavin would have been in this show now he would have won it undoubtedly but he gave it up for Losliya as he wanted her to win the title over him. People were making fun of Kavin that he is just playing the game and has no intention of loving Losliya but he proved critics wrong and now his supporters are rooting for Losliya on Twitter.


Losliya came to Bigg Boss show as one of the favourites as she is a well known SriLankan news anchor among netizens. A Losliya army was formed even before she entered the show which shows the kind of support she was expecting to get. She is a dream girl for many of Tamil guys and she has proved that everytime it came for elimination she would get second maximum number of votes next to Kavin. This proves the power of her army.

There are every chance that Losliya may go on to win Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Title. It’s all in the hands of her fans and Kavin’s fans. You can vote for her in Hotstar app or by giving missed call to 836 7796 805



  1. Losilya is not fit for the winner. If she wins it is not in her capacity only with the help of her boyfriend Kavin voting capacity. Most people will agree that Losilya is not a deserving person.

  2. Seriously… what did she do in the show? What kind of analysis metrics is this?
    She ate, dance, was with kavin for 60 days continuously for 12 hours a day.
    That’s enough to win the show? Next season that’s what all contestants will do, make friends , love some one be with them for 10 hours… win the show.
    This show is about emotionally/physically/mentally how do you solve the problems faced in this house. You make her winner that’s the end of big boss! Worst season ever!
    She is the most undeserving finalist!!!
    Stop supporting some one because you like in main stream news!

  3. wtf is this yaar this is bullshit the girl did nothing but dance n sing {i mean its cute n all} n mos likely bore ppl with her n kavins talk like shes not fit to be the winner what so ever itsaa game show not for providing content lmao ,,, she lostt focuss she wanted to go out like dude is this bigg boss or the bachelor? all that matters here is your chharacter n tasks n what u stand for not drama{tho its wat ppl want} its sad how the channel n bullshit analysis like these will aid to some one not desrving win… thats just the way of the world, after all anbu ondruthan anaadhai!

  4. losliya is not deserving, giving love content is the only way to win BB. Hardworking person will never win the title, its really unfair..

  5. Don’t even click on , always talks positive about Losliya., who doesn’t watch this show, they think that she is really a deserving contestant. I will block this website.

  6. Losliya is stable throughout the show? must be kidding . it is mugen who has clarity in his speech , and should win nevertheless.

  7. What a stupid analysis. Not one rating matches her characteristics. Losliya should have been given 1 or 0 in most of the ratings. And sherin and mugen wins over her in almost all the characteristics. They deserve a rating of 4 or 5. And creating a video edit with mugen’s song is a disgrace to him. The person who created that song, plz have some common sense before doing such nonsense.

  8. யார் மேலயும் அளவுக்கதிகமான விருப்பு , வெறுப்புகளை காட்டாதீர்கள்
    காலம் மாற்றத்துக்குள்ளாகும் அது போன்றே மனித குணங்களும் …
    சில பொழுது போக்கு நிகழ்ச்சிகள் ஒருவரைப்ப பற்றி முழுமையாக அறிந்து கொள்வதற்கான இடம் கிடையாது
    .நாமும் இதனை வெறும் பொழுது போக்காக மட்டுமே பார்ப்போமாக .

  9. Clarity in thought losliya how can it be till now she is not having clarity in relation with stupid u analysis chart

  10. LOSLIYA IS THE TITLE WINNER If Losliya and Kavin was on BB so many viewers and fans and the big boss reality show is Natural thoughts and feelings of a Human being shut down without any other source of people 24/7 inside the house mates different country and different thoughts of each individual to tackle and be living inside jealousy attitude hosemates She was very straight forward and Truthful person She did not behave badly by hugging Kavin or any other adultry only chats with him and Kavin also was desent unlike Shahshi always disrespectful dressing and like english fils hugging all the time same with sherine behaviour with Darshan who has already girl Vanitha was correct BB season 3 was so famous amoungst all over the world fans are for Losliya in fact im watching everyday from far apart out country Without the this couple the BB show would not reach so many votes and viewers

  11. Seriousely, oh my god is it love game or what…cant understand …we are all very upset about losliya,how until today she is still in bb house…so surprise and so disappointed.wasting time to watch this show or we cheating our self.tharshan eviction so so unfair…mugain is very apt person for title winner…big boss dont make fool yourself…please from singapore…

  12. “Iron and bold” “Young Lady” gethu…..all time LOSLIYA……
    “Decision-maker” with no partial or with no influence LOSLIYA…..


  13. Losliya deserve the title. BB is not a sport to measure sportsmanship. The task is only happening in the BB house once per day. It is not real representation of the game. BB is a social game to show how people behave when they are in a very controlled environment, not meeting anyone outside world, without any external resources or entertainments. She played the social game very well. She formed relationships such as father like figure, brother, sister and friends. She was true for the relationships not like others. Of course, even in real relationship, we have doubt about how true the relationship is. She sometimes doubted about the relatiinship like Cheranappa. She didn’t act like others. She doesn’t need Kevin support to win the game. She is standing as an example of the outcome of the social game. She is well deserve candidate for the title.


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