Bigg Boss 13 Sidharth Shukla sent to the hospital from secret room because of health issues

sidharth shukla bigg boss 13

In Bigg Boss 13, the Captaincy Task is currently underway and all the contestants have been very active in this task. As on the weekend, Bigg Boss’s house has been replaced by mastermind Vikas Gupta’s entry and Vikas has done his job by destroying the letter from Rashami’s family in the ongoing captaincy task. After the weekend blows, Bigg Boss kept Siddharth Shukla out of the house and kept him directly in the secret room and told the housemates that he was being taken out of the house due to his ill health. But now it seems to be true.

According to recent news, Siddharth Shukla has been taken directly from the secret room to the hospital. Siddharth Shukla’s health has been detoriating for the last several days. These days Siddhartha is struggling with a fever like typhoid. That is why he is being given glucose and injections from time to time. However, his health is much better than before. It is heard that Siddharth’s family is also not being allowed to meet him according to the contract. After seeing his health issue, Siddharth’s fans are also praying for him. Twitter is trending for Siddharth with the hashtag #GetWellSid by just this much fan.

Recently, seeing the health of Siddharth, Bigg Boss also kept him in the secret room because during this time he can relax and take full care of his diet. He is also present with Paras Chhabra in this room and had his finger surgery, after which Bigg Boss has placed him directly with Siddharth in the secret room. After the altercation with Asim Riaz last week, Bigg Boss himself punished Siddharth and nominated him to be evicted for two weeks. In today’s episode, it will be shown which contestants are successful in winning the claim of the Captaincy.



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