Bigg Boss 13 Sidharth Shukla denies to leave BB house for treatment, to be treated in house

sidharth shukla bigg boss 13

In this season of Bigg Boss, Sidharth Shukla has emerged as the strongest contestant. Sidharth has adopted the strategy of playing alone in Bigg Boss. Though he initially formed a group with Asim Riaz and Arti Singh, later the group disintegrated and Asim is now seen as Siddharth’s biggest enemy. There is often a heated argument between the two. Social media often hashtag trends in support of Siddharth. In such a situation, a news on Thursday gave sleepless to Siddharth’s fans.

On Thursday, there was news that Sidharth Shukla was going ill at BB house, due to which he could be taken out of the house for treatment. However, a Twitter account called The Reality Review, which monitors Bigg Boss, reported that Sidharth’s health has deteriorated due to lack of proper food. On the advice of doctors, Bigg Boss can send him out to rest for 2 weeks. But Siddharth refused to go out. So Bigg Boss has now arranged for him a medical team, will treat Siddharth.

Before Siddharth, Devoleena Bhattacharjee has also been sent out of the house after his health deteriorated. Devoleena was hurt during a task. Doctors have advised him to bed rest. After recovering, Devoleena will again enter the house. There is also news about Paras Chhabra that he is going out of the house to get his finger treated. Meanwhile, the wild card of Arhaan Khan, Shefali Bagga and Madhurima Tuli has entered in the show.



  1. Sid is very real. He is been targeted by all BB contestants specially his own created doggy now shouting on him (Asim) he will turn back once himanshi and shefali jariwala will out from the house…..
    We stand by Sid……


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