Bigg Boss 13: Siddharth and Asim’s Fans Trend #ManofWordSid vs #OurHeroAsim, Which One Will Emerge as the Most Favorited Tweet?

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Big Boss 13 is approaching its finale at a rapid pace. two contestants that have grabbed alot of eyeballs over the last few months are Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz. both have gone on to gain a massive fan following. these fans prove the strength of their favorite contestants through their posts and moreover using trending hashtags. Currently Sidharth’s trend is #ManofWordSid which is competing with Asim’s #OurHeroAsim.


Sidharth Shukla is a man of the heart and he has won even more hearts since he entered the Big Boss 13 house. He is so versatile that he tends to make people love him even when they try not to. His humor and one liners have increased his fan following. His fans are all for him and have pushed passed all barriers on his behalf. Currently they are trending on Twitter with #ManofWordSid.

Previous winner Vindu Dara Singh tweeted “The only guy whose name didn’t show up in task radh list is the one who plays with his heart real and fair like all SidHearts who say #ManOfWordSid “

Some of his fans went on to say “Sid did not give up even when his health was at it’s worst. It goes on to show how much he respects the show @BiggBoss and his committment is impeccable. #ManOfWordSid”

Some tweeted “#SidharthShukIa is the only real contestant in this house.. He always Accept his mistakes and Flaws. Never change his statement Never play with words even in front of Salman … Always stick to his words… In short He’s Clear as Real @sidharth_shukla #ManOfWordSid”


Asim Riaz has gained overnight popularity since he entered the Big Boss 13 house. Over the last few months under the able hands of his brother Umar Riaz who was able to create a strong social media base for him, Asim has won hearts. The whole point is that he rose from ashes and now rules. Asim’s fans are currently flooding twitter with the #OurHeroAsim in response to Sidharth’s fans.

Fans have gone on to comment “Asim is bullied through this season and has been poked by damad shukla of @ColorsTV @BiggBoss but he didnt get justice either from Bigg Boss or from biased loser host @BeingSalmanKhan. He is still fighting like a lone warrior and maintaining his dignity and patienc#OurHeroAsim”

Others have tweeted “BB you can show us edited promos & portray Asim negative. But you can’t stop our unconditional love and support towards Asim. RT if you Gonna support Asim till end !!! #1MillionAsimians @ColorsTV @BiggBoss #OurHeroAsim

They have been point blank blunt and tweeted “Point to be noted 1. In confession room BB talking softly with shukla where he was rude towards Asim Riaz. 2. Why BB guests were vindu, kamya but not gauhar, shilpa ,KV. 3.When shokela abused to Asim’s father no action in WKW. #OurHeroAsim @ColorsTV @OrmaxMedia”

Who will Win?

It is only a matter of time that it will be decided who will take the trophy home. Both Sidharth and Asim fans cannot hold their calm and are anxious for the same. For now they are blooding Twitter with #ManofWordSid and #OurHeroAsim. The question still remains…Which One Will Emerge as the Most Favorited Tweet?


  1. in this show there is no respect for Asim’s father, anybody can say Asim tera baap yeh woh but Asim cant say this to celebrity Siddath and his chachas, biased show hate this show now,,,, Siddarth is a fixed winner


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