Bigg Boss 13 Shocking news No elimination this week inside Salman Khan’s show read report

bigg boss 13 vote week 12

The audience of Bigg Boss 13 is desperate to know which contestant is going to be evicted this week. From Aseem Riaz to Aarti Singh, Siddharth Shukla, Madhurima Tuli, Vishal Aditya Singh and Shefali Bagga have been nominated to be eviction from home this week.

A few days ago, we told you in one of our reports that out of the nominated contestants, Arhaan Khan is the person who is getting the least votes. Now many people are happy that Arhaan Khan’s leaf is going to be cut this week. Well, if you too are happy to hear this news, then tell you that no one is going to be homeless from home this week.

Yes, if the information is revealed, then Salman Khan will announce in Bigg Boss 13’s house tonight that Vishal Aditya Singh and Arhaan Khan are in the bottom. At the same time, he will tell the contestants that no member is going to leave the house this week.

Are the makers saving Arhaan?
It seems that the makers want Rashmi Desai and Arhaan Khan to create more ruckus at home about their relationship status. In the past, Devolina Bhattacharjee has said in a statement that she will come to the house and flay Arhan Khan’s ass. It is possible that the makers will not make Arhan homeless from this house.

Double elimination will happen next week
It is seen that in such a situation, the makers make double elimination next week. For the moment, tell us in the comment box that according to you why there will be no contestant Eviction this week?


  1. Salman khan is being biased by rebuking sheila?Cant Salman see that why Rashmi interfere between Asim and Shukla ‘s conversation? Why she abuse Shukla’s mother while fighting with shukla?why she threw tea on shukla?Shukla is nominated by pushing Asim but why Asim,Arhaan and Rashmi not being punished by pushing and throwing tea on Shukla?Aim is Na Mard,I don’t want to waste my words by taking about him

  2. I feel bad for sana how Sid try to control on sana not to talk with other people in the house she always support & stand & hug kiss to Sid … but today paras & mahira was throwing on sana … Sid didn’t say even one word…..sana is decent & beautiful girl…. hats of you girl stay blessed.

  3. You said it right coz makets want rashmi- arhan to make more ruckus in d house, so he ll nt b thrown out. That’s very disgusting. Public give their verdict bt our verdict is not respected by the show makers.

  4. Big boss is a joke. Evicting people then bringing them back. Wasting people time to vote each week and then don’t evict them. It is allowed to throw hot tea at someone – where is the safety for the contestant? Rashmi should be nominated this week too. Clearly big boss is in favour for a woman to behave in this way but when a man is non compliance of the rules then big boss is quick to punish.

    Salman saw how Asim, Rashmi and Arhaan was provoking Sid but decided not to correct them. Footage is clear. Anyway this show is becoming a joke. This is why the contestants have no respect for Big Boss as the rules are biased.

  5. Rashmi is very Jealous of Sid , when he is complemented does anyone watch her face? She is biting now because arhaan was mad when she did that sexy video with Sid,so she trying to prove something to that jackass jaw arhaan. She is a good pretender , she play she crying to get sympathy but when salman straighten she ass all crying was done immediately, she should have been sent home for throwing hot tea at Sid and oh did you see where she throw it if she can’t have it nobody can ha ha ha and at the game when she got mad she picked up the plate and smashed it, her behavior was terrible, I don’t want to see her in any shows she is too cunning.Asim is another one I can’t stand him when he argues he looks like a horse when they ready to bite.


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