Bigg Boss 13: Shehnaz Gill’s Fans Trend #BornFighterSana, Does Shehnaz Enjoy Enough Support to Take Her to the Finals?

siddharth shehnaz elimination bigg boss 13

One of the highlights this Big Boss season has been #SidNaaz. Siddharth and Shehnaz have had their moments together, they even had fights but they eventually have reconciled. But as things look now this seems to be the end for the pair.

When Shehnaaz questioned him for the reason behind his anger. He told her, “A person who does not belong to their family can not belong to anyone and he his friend circle does not include such kind of people.”

When they finally spoke after a length of time. Siddharth has gone ahead and compared his relationship with her to a cigarette saying “I know it is ruining me, it will ruin me, but I can’t leave it.”  He further added, “I will never be able to be angry on you but after getting outside the house I will never be in contact with you.”

In yesterday’s episode, Shehnaaz was seen saying she is done with him and this is the end for her. She added she has gone through a lot in her life, he does not know about them and has no right to judge her. Since then her fans have been showing her support across all social media platforms and #BornFighterSana has been trending on twitter.

Her fans have been lauding her for maintaining such a cheerful personality despite all the personal attacks that have been made on her throughout the show.

Some of the tweets are included here


As of now, the #BornFighterSana has crossed 1.6 Million tweets.



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