Bigg Boss 13 Shehnaz Gill instructs Rashami Desai to stay away from Sidharth Shukla, says ‘will break your mouth…’

sidharth shukla shehnaaz gill

Bigg Boss 13 contestants are in heated mode as they all stay under the same roof for a while. As the finale gets closer, everyone seems to be putting their relationship-status at stake as well. Well, let’s talk about Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaz Gill, there are always fights between the two, but with time, both of them resolve each fight.

These days Sidharth Shukla is seen making distances from Shehnaz, and this thing is upsetting Shehnaaz inside but she is not showing it outside. While the two are quite positive about each other, in the meantime we have a video in which Shehnaz has said something to Rashami Desai which would shock her fans.

Yes, in this video, Shehnaaz Gill is sitting in the living area of ​​Bigg Boss 13 telling Rashami Desai that she should stay away from Siddharth Shukla or else she will break her mouth. By the way, Shehnaz Gill has done all these things in fun, but it seems that she is seen saying her heart to Rashmi.

Watch the video of Shahnaz Gill going viral below …
Is Shahnaz too possesive about Siddharth?
It is clear that Shahnaz needs full attention from her friends. If Sidharth starts focusing more on someone else, then she starts doing ridiculous actions. For the moment, it has to be seen how Shehnaaz cuts time in this house in the coming days, because Siddhartha is not in the mood to talk to her at all. By the way, how eager are you to watch the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 13? Share your views in comment section below.



  1. Shenaaz is just threatned by Rashmi shes scared that the relationship between Sid and Rashmi will start thats why she is doing this Shenaaz only wants Sid for herself she managed to break the bond with Asim
    but she herself wants to mingle with everyone

    i hope Sid catches a wake up and not only mingle with her but with everyone
    we all are waiting for Rashmi and Sid to be friends i think they like each but playing as if they hate each other.

  2. I think paras did not want sid and Asim became friends when mahera sharma close her irritating voice even zariwala inwol all fights this time bigg boss house become irritating house every one is welll educated but still they r fighting like in fish market


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