Bigg Boss 13 Shehnaz Gill in love with Sidharth Shukla here’s proof, #sidnaaz trending on twitter

sidharth shukla shehnaz gill love

Bigg Boss 13 had a dream pair of Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaz until Himanshi Khurana entered as wild card. Shehnaz behaviour in week 6 is bit radical as she kept switching sides to Paras. It was mainly due to sudden entry of Himanshi who is her alleged tormentor and enemy. Will this spoil the relationship between Sidharth and Shehnaz will people like Paras capitalise on this rift and use it against them?

We are not talking about yesterday’s episode because it made us think why is Shehnaz behaving like this but after an hour we connected the dots, you remember how Shehnaz kept telling Siddharth to not leave her? To not leave her side ever? We thought she was talking about the whole group but NO! Even Arti was there and she even said “main jau toh chalega mtalab?” She just kept telling to Siddharth to stay.

We didn’t catch that it wasn’t the first time, she said it multiple times but her fear came true. Sidharth started ignoring her for some reason to the point where she was mostly seen alone and Siddharth with others. That’s why she broke and Asim failed to understand this while in a conversation with Ponawala she said that between Paras and Sidharth she’ll always chose Sidharth. But Bigg boss obviously didn’t show that on the episode. Anyways this heartbreak has only made Shehnaz realize about her feelings everything happens for a reason. Now we’ll see how Siddharth feels about her, will Salman Khan help them to patch up during this week’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode.



  1. Siddharth displays as a very mature person. Too many ganging up against him. Very obviously the other members have begun to feel very insecure now. That is why they provoke Siddharth so that he may breakdown. Siddharth should control his anger and not get antagonised. Must also keep check on his tounge…very important.


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