Bigg Boss 13 Shehnaz Gill and Himanshi Khurana Fight reason and why Shehnaz cried seeing Himanshi Khurana entry into the Bigg Boss house

Himanshi Khurana vs Shehnaz Gill bigg boss 13

Bigg Boss 13 had reached its first finale and three contestants were eliminated and six new wild card contestants are entering the house. One of them is Himanshi Khurana, while Salman Khan announced her entry we could see Shehnaz Gill breaking down and crying uncontrollably. Himanshi Khurana and Shehnaz Gill are both Punjabi singers and bitter rivals, they were involved in a huge fight and Shehnaz doesn’t want to stay with Himanshi Khurana in the same house.

Bigg Boss organisers has used this opportunity to introduce both of them face to face and to generate huge TRP with their fight.

Here is what really happened between them

  • Himanshi Khurana and Shehnaz Gill are among the popular faces in Pollywood industry. Both of them enjoy immense fan following on social media.
  • While Himanshi has over 2.8 million followers, Shehnaz has over 743k followers.
  • Recently, the leading ladies of Pollywood indulged in a ‘ugly’ fight.
  • According to the reports, the fight began after Shehnaz Gill allegedly made fun of Himanshi’s latest song ‘I Like It’.
  • Shehnaz on her official snapchat account posted a clip in which she said that she didn’t like Himanshi’s ‘I Like It’ song at all
  • Shehnaz’s behaviour didn’t go down well with Himanshi who hit back at Shehnaz during her live Instagram video.
  • Himanshi’s track ‘I Like It’ was released on January 13. The video of the song has garnered over 1 million views with 55k likes.
  • Himanshi says Shehnaz has body shamed her in the past and also abused her family, but she will not bring that up in the house.
  • Himanshi says she kept quiet even though Shehnaz spoke about her, but when someone starts talking bad about her family, she won’t stay mum.
  • Shehnaz started the fight when she made a remark that Himanshi had got a lip surgery done

What do you think will happen when these two face each other inside Bigg Boss house. Comment below


  1. People dont know shehnaz, what she did and ssid about himanshi and her character was really bad, you all can find videos related to it on youtube himanshi is very elegant girl.

  2. To be honest senator is so stunning and is truly Katrina kaif of panjabi. The only people with any soul in big boss house are, Sidarth, Amis, Arti and shehnaaz. Para is just ugly Spirit, Mahira is the epitomy of what an air head is, Rashami is a nag who spews garbage every time she opens her mean mouth. To me here in London watching the show , l love Shukla and l hope he wins. God bless him- for he is always ganged upon.

  3. Shehnaz is the best she also apologized to himanshi, but himanshi is stone hearted person… My full support to sana ❤.. Love you ❤❤

  4. i think shehnaz is innocent. the way she apologized to himanshi clears that she is pure at soul and it also clears himanshi’s weird attitude and tells how egoistic she is.

  5. Whatever is was in their back life its should be not come in BB house.
    When Himanshi entered in the BB house Sana come to her and Himanshi ignored to Sana.
    This is making a sense that she is keeping things in mind but Sana is really really good she have a big heart she forgot and come to welcome.
    @Sana we love you alot.
    Dont others let you take granted.
    Stay strong and the way you are.

  6. I’ll say only one thing that whole show is scripted the characters are devided in a way in which the makers want to make them look if you will notice in the latest episode when shehnaz rival himanshi entered in the show before that she was telling to arti that I hide somany things inside me and also I had a rivalry against a girl and OMG we don’t know it’s himanshi khurana nice haha it’s been one month shehnaz never told anything about this but on the same day himanshi was entering she let it all come out in front of arti it means she already knew himanshi is coming in the house
    Some of you will say it’s just a coincident ok haha keep on thinking that way ?

    • Noticed that too… It cannot be a coincidence. Anyways, I hardly follow this season, but whatever I’ve seen, i feel Shehnaz is the biggest drama queen of all times.

  7. I think this is both sided thing its not only shenaaz who commented on himanshi. Its also himanshi who has talked shit about her…above all this Sana said sorry whereas himansho after commenting so many things didn’t said a single word…. So I think Sana is right although her comments were harsh and she talked about himanshi’s family

    • First you talk wrong about someone’s family, then say sorry what do you expect second person will say ohh that’s okay.
      Why she said sorry why didn’t she tell Himanshi to say sorry it means she was wrong.

  8. Who started first that’s important to c. After coming face to face in big boss seriously now shehnaz is looking like a show off.

    Not at all confident all the time over act and over react. Nut shell not at all sensible.

  9. This is one sided story… but we knw shehnaz didnt mentally torture her.. himanshi started talking about her chracter n parents then she reacted nd talked abt her mom .. so himanshi is nt innocent she is equally responsible…


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