Bigg Boss 13 Shehnaaz Gill fans are proving she can win Bigg Boss, #EntertainmentQueenShehnaaz trending on social media

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Bigg Boss 13 is half way and by now people have started to take sides to their favourite contestants and showing how big their fanbase online. Yesterday it was Asim Riaz trending #weloveasimriaz and then Sidharth Shukla was trending too #welovesidharthshukla and now Shehnaaz Gill #EntertainmentQueenShehnaaz and the surprising fact is Shehnaaz had the most number of retweets (300,000) compared to Sidharth and Asim. This shows Shehnaaz is still in the game and cannot be discounted as the show is slowly moving towards finals.

Shehnaaz Gill started to lose fans in Week 6 of Bigg Boss 13 when Himanshi Khurana entered the show and the rivalry between them showed her other side. She started to ignore her fans and sided with Paras Chhabra but later she realised her mistakes and patched up with Sidharth Shukla. Then in week 7 her behaviour towards friends improved and she started to be funny like how she was before. Her fans are now happy and considers her to be a glamorous and entertaining quotient of this show. She has every chance to win Bigg Boss 13 Title and her competition with Sidharth and Asim will be highlight as the show move towards finals. Do you think she will win Bigg Boss 13 Title? Comment below.


  1. This is so fake! Asim’s trend gave him 420K tweets! #WeLoveAsimRiaz… whereas Shehnaaz just touched 300k tweets that too with the support of PR and bots!

    Asim is the front runner for the BB13 trophy!

  2. Sana does not deserve to win as she does not respect anyone. She makes fun n jokes of others n creates rift if attention isnt given to her. She is a cute drama queen though. No???? she shud not win. There is no goodness in her.


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