Bigg Boss 13 Shefali Jariwala’s husband Parag talks about his wife, slams Paras and Rasahmi for harassing her

shefali jariwala husband parag

On the days of Bigg Boss 13, there are quarrels. Shefali Zariwala is a very strong contestant, but she is seen disgusted in Bigg Boss house. In an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla, Shefali’s husband Parag Tyagi has paralyzed others including Paras Chhabra, Rashmi Desai. He also said that this year’s season is very unfair.

Parag said- “I never saw Shefali crying before Bigg Boss. When I see him crying, I get very angry. I want him to come back home and never go there again. ”Parag lashes Paras as both of them target us. Parag said, “If he were in front of me at that time, I would have done a lot worse with him. If someone wants to say something, then tell me not to my wife. ”

Many people do not like this season. Big Boss is always biased. Parag said- “I completely agree with you, this time there is absolutely no rule in Bigg Boss house. More Big Boss special thing is dance song, but 95 percent everything has been canceled this time.

Parag and Shefali have been married for 6 years now. Shefali has come to Bigg Boss house for the first time and is winning the hearts of people with her game.



  1. I am from Panjsher provinces Afghanistan I want to say for Arti and shefali jariwala are the best characters they are stealing my heart

  2. Most viewers in UK have started losing interest in Bigg Boss 13 because the channel has nothing more to show, but Sanna and Sidharth, all the time. The channel thinks there are no other contestants but these two. Rashmi is the most mature and sensible contestant in the house.

  3. Hi i save screen shot and post on big boss facebook link that sid is going to winner that asim got 10 thousand and sid got 11 thousand and now you show asim below 7 thousand.this will harm sid reputation. If you want to do again in future than not show vote in figure.

    • Bro…it’s not t same poll…even though it is the same site which is conducting the poll with somewhat same name, it is not the same….I checked and verified it…it’s a strategy to get more viewership for the site


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