Bigg Boss 13 Set to Welcome Rashami Desai Again as Her Revenge Hungry Instagram Post Trends on Social Media!

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Big Boss 13’s house is in turmoil. While viewers were unhappy with Devolina Bhattacharya and Rashmi Desai’s eviction a few days ago, the news of Siddharth Shukla’s eviction yesterday gave a big shock to everyone. Well as far as Sidharth Shukla is concerned, Bigg Boss has not evicted him and nominated him for 2 weeks as a punishment for hurting Mahira Sharma.

Now let’s talk about Rashmi Desai and Devoleena Bhattacharya, there is a lot of good news for their fans, you have been reading many types of news after the elimination of Rashami Desai and Devoleena Bhattacharjee. Some reports said that both of them have actually been dropped from the show. So at the same time it was being claimed in many reports that both have been kept in the secret room of Bigg Boss.

According to the latest reports, Rashmi and Devoleena will be entering the house by today or tomorrow. So far it has not been clear whether Devoleena and Rashmi were in the secret room. If you’re a fan of both you will be happy with this news.

Rashami Desai confirmed her reentry in Bigg Boss 13 with a sensational post on Instagram.

Rashami Desai’s post was captioned,


“Guess who’s back? A big thank you to all the fans who believed and stood by Rashami throughout her Bigg Boss journey.
Glad to announce that the journey hasn’t ended yet. Let us welcome the queen back into the house! ?

Picture toh abhi shuru hui hai! Aage aage dekho hota hai kya ?

P.s. Time for some action ?”

It is evident that Rashami is in mood for some revenge and action. Rashami’s fans are pretty excited about her return to Bigg Boss 13. Are you?


  1. B.S. Big B, WTH, why such a mad support for this fake outsted Rashmi n Devoleena. Bringing them back, is a sure stupid decision. You’ll see in time. #JerksBroughtBack#BigBoss13#Backbiters#CrowsReturn

  2. Yes agreed shit is back in house now again paras will hide behind Rashmi to target Sid ……
    Rashmi does not have any game plans so she willl repeat herself of targeting Sid……..alll female contestants know if they want limelight then either be at Sid side or fight and try to denim him….. they are like junk of satellite rotating around the earth …… Shukla never talk illl about anybody whereas alll ladies talk about him paras calll him kuttta, Devoleena callls him psychotic…..Mahira calll him old ……what if people start callling Rashmi negative ,Devoleena chootky…Mahira beach and paras Kareena. …… do u have answers for age discrimination,mental health discrimination and animals right …………no shame for name callling ??????????????

  3. Rashmi ek Chinal Bhosadiki Hai. Mian uska Istemaal karke uski gandh phod dunga jaise main ne pehle Shehnaz ki aur ab mahira ki choot phod raha hoon. he he he ha ha ha


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