Bigg Boss 13 September 30 Promo – Ameesha Patel to come up with kiss but no kiss challenge for the contestants

bigg boss 13 september 30 promo

After the premiere of Bigg Boss 13, the game has started now. During the premiere itself, Salman Khan has revealed that, this time in the house of Bigg Boss 13, the audience is going to see a lot of twists and turns. Apart from this, Salman Khan also revealed that Amisha Patel will be seen as an important part of the show. From time to time, this Bollywood actress will enter the house of Bigg Boss and get the house members to do their own work. This is the reason, this time Amisha Patel has been given the status of the mistress of Bigg Boss 13 house.

In such a situation, the fans are now eagerly waiting for the first episode of this controversial reality show. The makers of the show know this very well. This is the reason, Colors have recently shared a new promo of the show on social media.

In this promo, the mistress of the house, Ameesha Patel, is seen going inside the house. As soon as Amisha arrives, there is a complete change in the atmosphere of the house. Actually Amisha Patel has arrived with a lot of ration in the show.

That thing is different, all the members of the house have to work hard to get this stuff. That’s why in the promo shared, Amisha Patel is seen telling the house that everyone has to do a task to get all this stuff.

She explains that, in this task, all the members of the house have to pass the goods through their mouth by pairing. This condition has also been kept here that, if the task is won, all the items of ration will become the householders. That is why all the people of the house seem to be doing this task with helplessness. That is why, in the promo, infinitely Riyaz is seen making disgusting signs with his mouth while performing this task.

Seeing the promos, it is clear that Amisha Patel had a lot of fun in Bigg Boss house during this time. That matter is different, during this time a quarrel between Aseem Riyaz and Paras Chhabra is also going to be seen. However, how excited are you to watch the first episode of Bigg Boss 13, please comment by commenting.


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