Bigg Boss 13 Sambhavna Seth comes out in the Sidharth Shukla’s support

bigg boss 13 sambhavna seth supports sidharth shukla

The fight between Rashami Desai and Sidharth Shukla in Bigg Boss 13’s house is nothing new. But the fight between these days has been the most in headlines in Saturday’s episode. The fight between the two is now becoming a matter of debate. Some are seen supporting Siddharth Shukla and some have supported Rashmi Desai. On social media, it seemed as if a war was fought over the fight between these two. Amidst all this, Bhojpuri actress and Bigg Boss 10 contestant Sambhavna Seth has posted a message on social media supporting Siddharth Shukla.

Sambhavna Seth while writing about Siddharth Shukla said- ‘Today all of them have actually proved that they are afraid of Shukla … Bhai has come in the clutches of all … its Despite this, Siddhartha is the strongest.

By the way, let me tell you, Sambhavna Seth may have come in support of Siddharth Shukla but Salman Khan has taken a lot of Siddharth’s class during the weekend war. Salman Khan was shocked by this behavior with Rashmi Desai. When Salman Khan was taking Siddharth Shukla’s class on the stage of Bigg Boss, he was so angry that Bigg Boss team interfered and calmed Sallu Mian.

In fact, Rashmi and Siddharth’s argument grew so much before Weekend Ka Vaar that Rashmi first threw tea at her and after that Siddharth also threw tea at her in response. Siddharth could not stop, when he moved towards Rashmi in anger, Arhaan Khan started to scramble as soon as he came in the middle and tore up Arhaan’s shirt.

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    1. Shame on sidhart and his fans. R u guys blind and deaf can’t u guys see how wrong he is by insulting not only his opponents but his friends too in the house.
      I have stopped watching this biased show. It’s not at all fair as whatever sidhart does is correct in bb house. Y shd we all see this show or vote as we all know sidhart will be the winner.
      Just waste of time and see foul guy sidhart being promoted by BB.
      PL stop watching BB

    2. Sid is waste…initially I was supporting him. But now I support asim. Paras ans mahira is waist and irritating…should be thrown out of big boss house first..

    3. Hahahah. Sambhavna you need to meet up a wall and get get your head straight. Nobody is scared from a person that shouts and taunts all the time. Shukla is just a crybaby he knows only to give punches but doesn’t know how to receive it. Kids in kindergarten and school are more tolerant when they give and recieve. Typical narcissist. It’s so weird that a person with narcissist tendencies is allowed in a house full of people, seems like the only purpose of his stay is to mentally torture people. I don’t think anyone would choose to stay with shukla with their own freewill.

    4. hello i fan from malaysia and i watching this bigg boss , for information i don’t not know all the contestants but is very unfair if your blame one side right , for rashmi and siddarth when is became argue both of you must sit and discus and see the solution, no provoked in between .only you 2..all the contestants go far away give this 2 discus and tell the true and settle it..your all ready big and know what is wrong right .
      for asim as a leader you cannot provoked in between rashmi and sid, you always tell sid no respect women but u also no respect women i watching this all episode, when u angry your voice become loud and start to fighting and provoked ,
      for rashmi and sid please the only one solution both of you sit in one corner in the house and discus what is wrong and settle it.this problem can’t solve when both of become anger and shouting ..right a fan for this tv show .
      i really enjoy but sometime all off your always fight and provoked what the reason this program ..
      all the participation good luck ,,no provoke no fight and program can susses.
      good luck all of you.

    5. Kl k Jo fight hue h just because of rasmi Desai or Asim riyaj…ghar Ka ser sidharth sukla h…in logo ko lgta h sb mil k ladenge to footage bhi milegi or sidharth Dr jayega…bt see k samne kuto k kya aukat..bhonko bs


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