Bigg Boss 13 Salman Khan lashing out on Shehnaaz Gill, her fans trend #fightbacksana on social media

bigg boss 13 shehnaz gill crying

Salman Khan is going to bring Weekend Ka Vaar today in house of Bigg Boss 13. Like every time, this time the audience is going to see tremendous drama. This time too Salman Khan will be seen taking a class for housemates. Colors has shared a promo of today’s episode on social media. It is seen that her gimmick is seen falling heavily on Shehnaaz Gill. Yes, among the highlights, you will see that Shehnaaz Gill talks with the host of the show Salman Khan in a gimmicky style. She seems to be crying during that time but Salman Khan does not like her style very much and he taunts her.

After this, Shehnaaz Gill starts crying in front of Salman Khan in a gimmicky style. After that she also appears to have her head hives. Shehnaz Gill gets angry with Salman Khan after seeing this kind of behavior. Shahnaz Gill then appears to say that ‘I don’t want to live in this house. I have to go home. ”Salman Khan was also angry and said,“ Go from here, open the door… go away from here. ”After this, what happens in Bigg Boss house. The makers have kept suspense on whether Shehnaz Gill comes out or not. But now #FightBackSana is seen trending on social media. Many users of social media are annoyed by this behavior of Shehnaz Gill, while many are seen commenting in support of him.

Deepika Padukone will be seen promoting her film Chhapaak in the house of Bigg Boss 13 today. She will also give a task to the family members. How excited are you to see today’s episode.



  1. If sana gets kicked out. Then I will stop watching big boss 13. Why frustrate someone to the point that they loose it. She says she has problem with the tag jealously. So what does Salman Khan do make her do a task and on top shout at her. #fightbacksana #sidnaaz

  2. So fed up of sanaz psycho behavioir. Enough of #SIDNAZ. Always in bed, uffh. Rated. Show the real ppl..,rashmi asim vishal arti.

    • SIDNAZ BED SCENES —-only friendship ke naam me —pura husband wife ke relationship ka maaza lene ko milta hai. Bigg boss 13 se ye –to sikhne mila ab koi phele jaise commitment karne ki jarroorat tum mere girlfriend ho – fiancee blah blah….SIDNAZ ki JODI bhut accha sikha rahi hai hum nayee generation ko.

  3. Jab madhurima ne sana ko kaha ki tum bhi toh kabhi paras se pyar karti ho kabhi sidhdhart se tab arti aur jariwala ko itna gussa aaya aur unhone kaha ki sidhdhart sana ko apani bachche ki tarah pyar karta hai, dost ki tarah pyar karta hai. Ab kya bole yeh dono? Janta bahut intelligent hai ,hume pagal nahi bana sakte.siddhart is using sana for game only otherwise unko pucho kya tum dono shaadi karne ko tyar ho? Big boss should interfere in this masks because if Siddharth is using shehnaz for game aur uske emotions ke sath khel reha toh baad main shehnaz yeh bardasht nahi kar payegi?? I like sana but yeh chahta hoon sidhdhart abusing very badly in show can’t control hua anger so he doesn’t deserve you woh tumhara dil tod dega isliye usse dur raho

  4. Sana and Sid need to go home, fed up of seeing them in bed the whole time, please show real people like Asim, Rashmi and the others. Also send Mahira and Paras home, sick of their voices and overall attitude.

  5. Sahi Hain, Sidharth aur Sam’s ko Ghar bhena chahiye, inlogonka drama bahut hua Hain vaisay Paras aur Mahira ka bhi abhut hogaya inlogonko Jane do apna Ghar tabi to koi Naya twist aayega, hats off Salman Bhai ap aisay logonka landle karaty Hain

  6. Sana Gill is a sick mentally disturbed ignorant spoilt girl.. she is jealous of everyone in the house.. she is a.bart and ready to start the randpana .. we are sick of her stupied attitude and childish behavior .. kick her out . Her papa is a big mouth too..

  7. hmm really dot know what shes doing when she came i found her really entertaining and interesting to watch but now dont know which direction shes going paras clearly said that whatever me and mahira are doing shes trying to copy with sid yes thats absolutely right shes only 25 and sid is a grown man and calls her a child shes gone mad senseless i know people wants see drama but sorry to say not this type of it where shes playing her cards behing sids back very shamefull paras was smart not get into this mess with her now dont know how sid will come out of this rashmi asked her twice whats the deal between you and said shes said just friendship love she kept lying lying to everyone so she can stay if people want to see sid winning they need to vote out sana otherwise there will be a big mess i am not against anyone but really this girl is too much now cant watch her do to this in the house do we really want this madness to win big boss 13 i dont think so . if sid and mihara leaves this show today 100% she will try to patch up with paras shes acts like shes the only one who knows the game but really shes so confused and dont know who to stick with i will not vote her anymore shes needs to go before she gets hurt really bad

  8. The Sana is a very good girl and unnecessary allegations are being made on her, if anyone in her place would get mad after hearing the same thing again and again.


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