Bigg Boss 13 Salman Khan is not quitting the controversial reality show

bigg boss 13 salman khan weekend ka vaar

On the previous day, this news had spread like fire, that Salman Khan is going to leave Bigg Boss 13. The reason for this decision of Salman Khan is being told to his family. In many media reports, it was claimed that, Salman Khan’s family does not want him to be a part of the show for long. Salman Khan’s health is being affected due to constant anger in Bigg Boss. Due to which the family was putting pressure on Salman Khan that they should leave the show. Salman Khan’s fans were very disappointed since this news came out. No one can think of Bigg Boss without Salman Khan. Salman Khan has been a part of the show for the last 10 years.

Many times Salman Khan has tried to get rid of Bigg Boss because the reason is different, every time the show’s makers convince Salman Khan. This time also, the makers have convinced Salman Khan. That being said, now Salman Khan is not going anywhere except Bigg Boss. Yes, you heard it right…. Salman Khan will continue to be the host of Bigg Boss even if the information is getting fresh.

Ttill now it has not been clear whether Salman Khan will be seen in the show or not till the finale. Yet Salman Khan is not going anywhere at the moment. Let us tell you, Salman Khan is troubled by a disease named Trigeminal Neuralgia. Because of which he often feel pain in the facial veins. Due to anger in Bigg Boss, this problem increases. That’s why his family is against hosting Bigg Boss. However, please tell us how happy you are about this news coming out.



  1. God bless Sir Salman and heal you completely. We are very happy to hear Sir, will not quit. Any personality can handle Big boss BUT the way Sir, you handle no one can succeed, this much sure we are. Its not an easy task or a cake walk to handle every particular contestant and filthy comments passed on you on either ways inside and outside. Looks Very sad feelings. Contestants do their Best But if you go to see the full scenario you are the HERO Sir Salman. God bless you. Lots of love pours from Bahrain to you Big boss and Sid


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