Bigg Boss 13 Rashami Desai’s rumoured ex Boyfriend Lakshya Lalwani want to say these things for her

Lakshya Lalwani rashami desai bigg boss 13

Rashmi Desai has been in the limelight ever since she returned to Bigg Boss 13’s house. She is constantly trying to emerge at home. So the viewers outside the house believe that Rashmi Desai is going slow in the game. At the same time, some people are strongly supporting Rashmi Desai. Now a name has been added to this list and Rashmi Desai herself will be quite surprised to know about it. This is none other than Rashmi Desai’s ex boyfriend Laksh Lalwani.

Lakshya Lalwani told this during an interview to Spot Boy. When Lakshya Lalwani was asked if he saw Rashmi Desai in Bigg Boss, he said, I have not even seen Bigg Boss 13 yet. Lakshya Lalwani told that, he is no longer in touch with Rashmi Desai. Talking further, Laksh said that, even though I have not seen Rashmi Desai on the show so far, I would like to give best wishes to Rashmi Desai. Rashmi Desai dated Lakshya Lalwani in the year 2016. During that time Rashmi Desai had separated from her husband Nandish Sindhu. That thing is different, when asked, these two never believed that the two stars are dating each other.

The relationship between Lakshya Lalwani and Rashmi Desai also did not last long and after some time both of them separated their paths. Now when Rashmi is seen in Bigg Boss 13, during this show, such unseen aspects of her life are also coming out, about which even the fans will not know anything. Lakshya Lalwani and Rashmi’s relationship is also something that Rashmi would never like to talk about. However, please comment on how Rashmi Desai’s game looks like in Bigg Boss.


  1. Rashmi is playing best so far!! She is not pretending at all n I don’t understand why people are saying she is slow , she is not slow dude she is what she needs to be !! Sometimes I think even Salmaan sir is also takes Mr Shukla’s name unnecessarily to promoting him which is fine but not always !! Devo n Rashmi you both are playing well .. specially Rashmi don’t worry in this big boss house everyone talks behind their back on everybody!! And blaming you Shukla should see himself what kind of person he is have no respect for women … Rashmi all the best you will win for sure!!


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