Bigg Boss 13 Rashami Desai unhappy with liplock scene performed during task with Sidharth Shukla

sidharth rashami liplock bigg boss 13

Bigg Boss 13 had a bit of surprise with a task which involves Rashami Desai and Sidharth Shukla recreating their romantic scene from their tv show in which both acted together. Shehnaaz Gill was incharge of directing them. It was a surprise to fans as Sidharth and Rashami are bitter rivals now, Yes, the two gave a sizzling hot performance and recreated their Dil Se Dil Tak moments, as a part of a task given by Bigg Boss. Seeing their favorite #SidRa together, made fans rejoice and dance in merriment. From bedroom romance, to steamy pool coziness, Sidharth and Rashami left no stone unturned to prove that their romance skills and chemistry is unbeatable.

Though the scene came out well Rashami was not happy for a fact that she had to do a liplock with Sidharth even though there was a mirror placed between them. Initially the kiss was to be on the cheeks but it ended up on the lips via the mirror. What happened was, post the task, Rashami was in the kitchen and looked a little upset. Here, Paras entered and asked her about what suddenly happened as they gave a sizzling hot performance. To which Rashami said, “There was a seen near the mirror, where Sidharth and I had to kiss the mirror from two sides. While I thought that they were going to kiss on the cheeks, we ended up sharing a lip-to-lip kiss.” Upon hearing this, Paras said that it is absolutely fine as it was a part of the task. Moreover, he added that they did not share a real kiss, and it was via a glass mirror. However, Rashami still remained conscious and was wondering how would have things been shown on air. Paras tried to clam her down and said that things have gone now, and look at the good part, SidRa fans might be very happy with this.

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