Bigg Boss 13 Rashami Desai supports Arhaan khan for his remark on “Vo road per tha” and people on twitter cannot keep calm


Bigg Boss 13 yesterday episode was a shocker in many aspects, where the new captain was chosen in the house. So, Paras Chhabra was sent back home from the secret room. During this, Paras shared to everyone what he heard and secret room one by one as soon as he entered the house again. While Paras has fiercely fought with Vishal Aditya Singh for trying too hard, he is seen opening about what Arhaan Khan said to Shefali Bagga in front of Rashami Desai.

But the shocking thing was Rashami Desai’s reaction to this. Rashami, while supporting Ahaan Khan, said the opposite, that even if he has said so, there is nothing. She appeared saying, “Yes it was, Arhaan Khan has supported her a lot.” After this, Rashami Desai’s fans are seen to be quite uprooted and many fans have criticized her move in Twitter

Criticising Rashami Desai’s move, internet users are calling her strange. One has even written that while instructing the actress that Arhaan has a 12-year-old child. They should decide wisely. So some people are reminding Rashami Desai of her self respect. You can see the tweets below

Let us tell you that Salman Khan himself had revealed the truth of Arhaan Khan in front of Rashami Desai during the weekend ka Vaar last week. The actress cried a lot during this time and she also spoke to the Bollywood superstar several times. After this, the audience felt that she is going to give many sharp questions and answers to Arhaan Khan. But nothing like this happened and after a while Rashami was seen coming close to Arhaan Khan.

After coming out of the secret room, when Paras Chhabra openly mentioned Arhaan Khan’s talk in front of Shefali Bagga, the actress gave such a quiet reaction that everyone was stunned. By the way, it is possible that the actress has a strategy. What is your opinion on this. Please tell us by commenting below.


  1. RashmiDesai is so stupid, where all her money goes, why she need someone’s support? Arhaan is using her, after all the drama done still he was saying bad things to Shefali Bagga about Rashmi, he is not feeling guilty at all. She needs to open her eyes.


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