Bigg Boss 13 – Rashami Desai and Siddharth Shukla will share this item in Bigg Boss house, read below

Siddharth shukla rashami desai fight bigg boss 13

Bigg Boss 13 has started with a bang and all the contestants have reached Salman Khan’s show one by one. This year, the makers have decided to take celebrity contestants only and only due to which this season is going to get a lot of spice in the coming days. There is also no doubt that this season can also get a lot of TRPs compared to many previous seasons.

Several celebs including Devolina Bhattacharya, Paras Chhabra, Aseem Aziz, Abu Malik, Rashmi Desai and Siddharth Shukla have been locked in Bigg Boss 13’s house for almost three months. Talking about Siddharth Shukla and Rashami Desai, both of them have been seen in Colors’ serial Dil Se Dil Tak. During this serial, both the actors got to see the tension. Even on the serial set, news of their differences often comes up from time to time.

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In such a situation, it can be difficult for both of them to live together in the same house. Now in such a situation, how will both remain under the same roof is a complicated question. Even more shocking is that Siddharth and Rashmi will have to do something inside this house in the coming days, due to which the senses of both can also fly. If you look at the report of IMWBuzz, in the coming days, Siddharth and Rashmi will have to share the same bed in this show.

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There have always been fights over beds
Viewers who follow Bigg Boss will know that there has always been a fight in this house for beds. Actually, this house has single bed as well as double bed. This time there is also a triple bed in the house. The person who becomes the captain has this power in his hand that he can give beds to people according to his own. Now it has to be seen who works with Rashami and Sidharth.


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