Bigg Boss 13 post eviction Himanshi Khurana deny her love relationship with Asim Riaz


Himanshi Khurana was out last night from the house of Bigg Boss 13. Asim is most unhappy when Himanshi is evicted from the house. Now everyone knows how much he likes Himanshi. On several occasions, Asim has also expressed his love for Himanshi without any fear on national television. In the Bigg Boss house, Asim was seen standing with Himanshi all the time. That thing is different, during that time Himanshi’s mother made it clear that there is nothing between them.

Now that Himanshi has come out of Bigg Boss house, it seems that this love of Asim Riaz was probably one sided. We are not saying this. Himanshi Khurana herself has told this thing. Yes, you heard it right…. As soon as she is evicted, Himanshi Khurana has made it clear that she considers Asim as her only friend.

In a conversation with Pinkvilla, Himanshi Khurana said, “I am happy that I got so much love in Bigg Boss house.” Asim understands what I want to say. I have already explained to him that I and Aseem are very good friends.

Praising Aseem, Himanshi Khurana said, “It takes a lot of courage to express love in front of the entire world, which Aseem has shown, but I know my limits.” I cannot cross that limit.

Himanshi is clear with Khurana’s statement that she is not going to value Asim more than a friend outside the house. It is different that Asim and Himanshi were often seen spending time at home. This is the reason, people started to believe that the love story of these two has started in Bigg Boss house. Meanwhile, Himanshi’s statement may break the heart of the pair’s fans. Now it will be fun to see how they will react when Aseem comes to know about Himanshi’s intentions. What is your opinion on this issue? Please tell by commenting.


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