Bigg Boss 13 Paras Chhabra talks about Asim Riaz and Himanshi Khurana’s fake relationship, heres what he said

bigg boss 13 Day 2 Paras Asim fight

In the house of Bigg Boss 13, the attention of Asim Riaz has been a bit distracted from the game for the last few days. While Asim Riaz was seen plotting in the show from the very beginning, he has a fever of love these days. Yes, for the past few days Asim Riaz is trying to show his love for Shehnaaz.

If you have been following Bigg Boss since the beginning, then you will be well aware that none of the nights of Asim has been seen with anyone but the Punjabi singer Himanshi Khurana. Even in the past, Asim Riaz had openly spoken about his love. In Bigg Boss 13, everyone is watching the growing proximity of Asim and Himanshi and people are seen talking about them even inside the house.

Last night, Paras Chhabra said while talking with Shehnaz Gill that the friendship and love of Asim and Himanshi is confined only inside the house. Shehnaz tells Paras that Asim is doing big glacier today. After this, Paras Chhabra says clearly that, ‘Their friendship is inside the house. Outside the house, she (Himanshi) is not even going to talk to him(Asim). ‘To this, Shehnaaz Gill says,’ Don’t talk or not, I will not do anything at all because she is very jealous of me. ‘

Himanshi’s engagement has not happened
With this, there has been a news about Himanshi that they have not been engaged. Actually Amy Virk’s brother has revealed that there is no relationship between her brother and Himanshi.


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