Bigg Boss 13 : Paras Chhabra Calls Rashami ‘Kamchor’, Leads to Another Outburst


The finale is approaching at a rather fast pace and the contestants remaining in the house are leaving no stone unturned to make their presence felt. The contestants have managed to live in the house for the last three and a half months. The house has always been divided into groups and with the changing equations the group also changes every week. While Asim Riaz and Sidharth Shukla have always been in the news for their fights especially their recent violent streak. This time we have Rashami Desai and Pras Chhabra at loggerheads in a verbal spat over the duties in the kitchen.

Paras Rashmi Fight: What was the problem?

In a recent video we have seen Shehnaaz Gill cooking food for her fellow contestants. Paras then goes on to accuse Rashami for being a  ‘Kamchor’ and getting work done from Arti Singh and Shehnaaz. This does not go down well with Rashami and they both get into a heated argument. He talks about how she suddenly falls ill when it comes to performing her duties.

Later in the video, Chhabra repeatedly goes on saying, “Paras chawal banaega,” as  Rashami asked him to cook rice. While Paras and Rashami go on with their verbal spat the rest of the housemates look baffled at the unnecessity of this argument over cooking rice and preparing food, and enjoy the show.

Earlier Rashami even got into an argument with Mahira Sharma which led to Rashami terming Mahira as immature and stupid.


  1. Bigg boss is biased. When paras was giving one-sided results as Sanchalak bigg boss kept now when Vishal did just one bigg boss interfered. Shukla has gone mad send to mental asylum. Don’t waste food and other items on Shukla. Remove him. Pagal hai saala. Why is Jariwala poking unnecessarily to Asim. Where is that Tyagi now when his wife is busy poking. Bada Aaya chutiya fadne wala. Gandu pehle apni biwi ko faad. Sab Shukla ke sath reh ke pagal ho Gaye hai. Bigg boss Pura biased hai. Abhi tak chichora paras bahar Hona Chahiye tha. Jab bottom 2 mein tha to surgery Karne bheja. Bigg boss to jhooth aur sach Ka na bole to achha hai. Zariwala Asim ko Nalla bolti hai to usne dekhi thi kya Woh Nalla hai. Band karo bigg boss.


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