Bigg Boss 13 Parag Tyagi slams haters for comments on Shefali Jariwala and Asim Riaz’s relationship

sidharth shukla dated Shefali Zariwala

Ever since Bigg Boss 13 started, there has been some controversy with this show. This time too there is a lot of uproar in Bigg Boss house. Due to the adventures happening in the house, the effect of all these things is also seen outside the house. If we talk about Shefali Jariwala, who arrived at home as a wild card, then she first made Siddharth Shukla’s team her base as soon as she came on the show. In the team of Sidharth Shukla, he has also become friends with Aarti Singh and Asim Riaz.

That matter is different, people are not enjoying the friendship of Aseem and Shefali. In fact, Shefali Jariwala was seen very close to Aseem in recent episodes. When Paras Chhabra saw this scene, he told this spicy thing to Mahira Sharma. After that, things started to be formed in the house that, even after Shefali got married, how could Aseem come so close to them. Since this incident, people have been talking about the relationship between Shefali and Aseem on social media. When Shefali’s husband Parag Tyagi came to know about this, he did not keep up with him and through social media he listened fiercely to the people accusing Shefali.

Parag Tyagi wrote, You have no right to say anything about anyone’s personal life. Shefali is my wife and I know her better than you. I have pity on the thinking of all of you, but there is no fault of yours. Our society is such that it seems that boy and girl can never be friends. Fearing further, Parag Tyagi wrote, “Nothing can be done for people of poor thinking like you, but you can stay away from them all.” Girls don’t even pass around people like you.

See Parag Tyagi’s post-

Parag Tyagi’s post makes it clear that, even if there is anything visible in the camera, Parag has complete faith in his wife Shefali. However, how much do you agree with this comment of pollen, please tell by commenting.


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