Bigg Boss 13 Mid-Week Eviction – Who got evicted in tonight’s episode before Weekend Ka Vaar?

bigg boss 13 mid week eviction

Bigg Boss 13 eviction nomination was done on Monday 18th November 2019 and until today it was believed that Devoleena will get eliminated during weekend ka vaar episode. But there was a sudden announcement Bigg Boss that the contestants have to choose two contestants who are contributing the least in the house. The contestants chose Khesari Lal Yadav and Rashami as they both received the maximum number of votes for being least helpful in the house.

Khesari or Rashami – Who gets evicted from Bigg Boss house tonight?

  • So far, Dalljiet Kaur, Koena Mitra, Abu Malik, Siddhartha Dey, Shefali Bagga, Tehseen Poonawalla and Arhaan Khan have been eliminated from the Bigg Boss house.
  • Kheshari Lal Yadav and Rashami both shares equal no.of votes for least contribution in the house
  • Finally Khesari gets evicted from the house by Contestants Vote Out
  • Khesari was useless for the Show, he was Not Giving any Content, But he was getting more Votes from the Public of Bihar and UP, and Paid Alot, So it was not Possible to Evict him this week on basis of votes.
  • Looks like there may be another eviction based on people’s vote.

Do you agree with this decision? Comment below.


  1. Khesari ko nikala gya tho bigboss kon dekhe ga bhai….
    Up bihar jharkand nepal svi bnd kr denge dekhna bigboss….
    So plz khesari ji ko bigboss me rakhiye….

  2. Wake up people! Its a game show! I honestly do feel that shukla needs to be evicted! He has done sooo much stuff & big boss is too blind to see it! I’m sorry thats how i feel, his very abusive & violent! He needs to be out! I’m surprised that big boss has still kept in big boss even after what he has being doing. The game show is not playing fairly. Viewer’s can see everything. Paras & Mairah can switch sides sooo quickly! They are not to be trusted at all! Mairah always makes out that Shenaz is jealous by the fact, that paras & Mairah are friends. But to be honest Mairah is the jealous one! She doesn’t like it when Paras gives attention to Shenaz. Reshmi & Devo , what can i say about them both. They got evicted from the house & came back into the house. Reshmi just likes to sleep & sit outside on the sofa! & talk about Shukla. Reshmi it’s kind of getting boring! Change the topic & move on with your life! Shukla don’t even give a toss about you! Devo just to keep herself in the game she flirted with Shukla. It didn’t do you any favour did it! Devo just likes to create fight by brain washing Reshmi. Reshmi is a puppet that does what Devo tells her too! Get some brains Reshmi. Shenaz & Himanshi have there differences i agree & I’m not here to judge them. Because we all don’t know the full story. But all i can say is Shenaz is not dumb! She’s clever! So i would watch out for her! She’s two face & she’s not a loyal friend! I would trust her at all. Himanshi hasn’t really said much about Shenaz & Himanshi differences outside the house. But i feel that Shenaz is to be blamed! Because anything that happens, she uses her water works for sympathy! Bahu his funny & he entertaines the house mates & viewers. Vishal is two face! I wouldn’t trust him! Arti lol, she’s living in a fairy tale , someone needs to bursts her bubble! She’s not with it, wake up smell the coffee! Shefali is playing well, she’s completed her capitain task well. Even though the house mates where not listening to her. They are doing exactly the same thing to Himanshi! Asim can get angry at times i agree! But when Shukla was arguing with Reshmi, Asim did a gentleman’s thing! He step in between both of them. Between Shukla & Reshmi! Because Shukla was get very abusive & violent towards Reshmi in the argument. I honestly think Big boss needs to play the game fairly! Because are you forgetting that viewer’s are seeing everything & judging based on what you are showing viewer’s. Shukla needs to be evicted & there you will see a total change in big boss house. There will be peace, less arguments too. So big boss please play fairly & make your decision. Do not go on what colour tv or other channels want from you.


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