Bigg Boss 13 Mahira Sharma says “I don’t want to see Shehnaaz Gill fave anymore”, read more details below


Mahira Sharma always had a dream of getting into the top 5, she wanted to see her journey in the show, her dream became a dream. Contestant Mahira Sharma of Bigg Boss 13 was out after coming so close to be in Top 5 of the show. At present, Mahira Sharma is proud of her journey and she is happy to be a part of season 13. Revealing her relationship with Shehnaz Gill, she said, “I consider myself lucky to be a part of season 13 which was so successful. I feel proud that I can reach the top 7. She remained a part of the show for four and a half months and defeated so many wildcards. ”

After this Mahira Sharma says about her relationship with Paras Sharma, “Paras is a very good friend of mine and he will always be a friend as you all know that he will be doing a Swayamvar Show at this time. Now, I will definitely dance at my friend’s wedding. Though after seeing our bonding at home, people were thinking that something is going on between us. But it is nothing like that, I am just his friend. ”

Mahira Sharma said about her bonding with Shehnaaz in Bigg Boss 13, “I am a loyal person and there was nothing like that for me. She said on the show that she never considered me her friend.” . I don’t like people who are not loyal to me and who always flip. I don’t like to see her face ever after this show. Especially those who fight me and do evil behind my back. Shehnaaz always praised me on my face, but I praised her after she left. “



  1. chaunda v kon a ki tu sna di frnd bne hmesha tu bitching kiti a sna di ude mooh te v te pith piche v kbab me haddi fake mahira vadi ayi loyalty di sidha kh mnu jealousy ho rhia ki o top 3 ch agi a tanu piche chd ke strongest players paras n mahira hhahhaah top 4 vala kam v kita c koi nai milna te na mil dfa ho tnu puchn v kon dya pimpl ki dukan bde hotho vali chipkli chudail pta ni ki smjhdi apne aap nu bakvas krdia

  2. Haha, who want to see Mahiras face ever again? Mislead girl with no agenda of her own and no brain as well. Talking about she dislikes people who aren’t loyal, she were in bed with the most unloyal person, paras who assassinated his girlfriend as a clingy psycho to look better on television. That person for her were a loyal person and trustworthy. Shenaz, who had a mind of her own and used her own brain rather than relying on other housemates are supposedly unloyal, that shows the level of stupidity Mahira Sharma owns. Mahira you were in a damn game a individual game and if you individually couldnt be in the game, then stop talking shit and spreading shit about people who excelled in being independent. Its called BiggBoss. And the Boss doosnt follow the crowd the crowd follows the Boss, but as a idiot Mahira is she chose to follow and followed a narcissistic ungrateful little witch called Paras. And let’s not talk about girl code, mahira is not loyal to a another girl who’s boyfriend she were clinging on and hugging and kissing . Mahira is a person you can not leave your husband or boyfriend with, she has a disgusting mindset. You don’t hug and kiss and sleep next to others partner . Especially when their partner us not there to clarify what is ok and what not.

  3. You praised her ? Your face gestures and barking were praising her all that time ? When paras came back and your only issue was shenaz saying I love you to paras before he left for his operation that was your friendship,loyalty and sticking to your friend who got nominated because she stood up for you when you were bullied by all of the housemates when paras were gone, were you as trustworthy you want people to be, buhu she didn’t consider you as a friend, so what? Rather think about what is wrong with you that mostly people who lived with you hated you. You were hated by the audience and the housemates. I wish for once you got a slap from shenaz, so your brain that got damaged under your birth could come back to place again and maybe start working as a normal person.


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