Bigg Boss 13 Madhurima Tuli’s mother lashes out on Mahira Sharma for calling her “Kaam Chor”

madhurima tuli eviction bigg boss 13

In the Weekend Ka Vaar past week, there was a lot of uproar in Bigg Boss 13. Mahira Sharma had told Rashami Desai “Kaam Chor” behind the meal. After which Salman Khan himself had to come in the middle of this quarrel. That matter is different, even after so much uproar, Mahira Sharma’s wisdom has not come up. That is why once again Mahira Sharma has used the word “Kaam Chor” again. This time Mahira Sharma has described Madhurima Tuli as “Kaam Chor”. Madhurima Tuli and Mahira Sharma had a fight due to work in the previous episodes.

During this, Mahira called Madhurima Tuli as a “Kaam Chor”. Now whatever happens in the house, the effect is seen outside the house. We are saying this because, because of this act of Mahira, Madhurima Tuli’s mother got angry.

In such a situation, the mother of Madhurima Tuli has fiercely opposed Mahira Sharma. During a conversation with Spot Boye, Madhurima Tuli’s mother attacked Mahira Sharma. Madhurima Tuli’s mother said, how Mahira can speak like that to Mdhurima Tuli. While she herself has refused to work at least 10 times.

Further Madhurima’s mother said, Mahira Sharma starts making excuses as soon as it comes to work. I don’t understand why people are targeting Madhurima Tuli. Madhurima is not slacker. She also works well at home.

After Mahira, Madhurima Tuli’s mother also attended Shefali Jariwala’s class. Shefali considered warring on washing the plate of Madhurima Tuli. Shefali avenged this with Madhurima in the CaptaincyTask. However, how much do you agree with Madhurima Tuli’s mother’s statement, please comment.


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