Bigg Boss 13 Leaked Update – Is Rashami Desai and Devoleena Bhattacharjee in secret room after eviction?, Read Below

rashami devoleena secret room entry

Bigg Boss 13 had one of the best Weekend ka Vaar episode with a major twist of three eliminations. People were shocked to see Rashami and Devoleena eliminated along with Shefali Bagga. Rashami is a famous personality and her fans couldn’t believe that she is evicted from the house, there are even questions if Arthi Singh is more popular than Rashami and how she was eliminated from the house before Arthi. Voting results shows Shefali to be the one with lowest vote percentage, next two were Paras and Mahira but they were saved by winning Ticket to Finale. Rashami played a huge role in Paras winning and fans were really unhappy with her move as they wanted Sidharth Shukla or Asim Riaz to win ticket to finale.

Before this event Arti Singh was having less vote percentage compared to Rashami but after this fans voted for Arti as she supported Asim and Sidharth over Paras. Hence she got saved while Rashami’s vote percentage reduced along with Devoleena’s and they both had to go out with Shefali.

But now sources are confirming that Rashami and Devoleena are given a chance and they’re made to stay in secret room. Famous Bigg Boss twitter handle @TheKhabri has confirmed this news and this should make fans of Rashami and Devoleena happy. Rashami and Devoleena were going way off track and were losing public support. So this secret room twist is “maybe” to update them of what the public opinion is and how to play the game. What do you think about these two contestants entering secret room, comment below.



    • Please big boss bring devoleena and rashmi they were very strong contestant and according me aarti deserve elimination please please give chance to dwvoleena and Rashmi please

  1. It is good decision for eliminated both of them as both are playing negative game. Great to have both of them lesson for future.

  2. rashmi and devolena played very farely not worst comparing arti and shehnaaz and sidharth shukla salman khan loves and encourages shameless woman like shehnaaz he wants all girls should be like shehnaaz by flirting with mens.because he is a playboy.

  3. Audience votes are never been considered. It is the Bigg Boss team that decides who to keep and who to eliminate. Unfortunately, Bigg Boss does not follow through with their own words. They change everything to suit them. So , basically, we are being fooled and used.

    • I think the competition should be only among the 3 guys. And a close one! All 3 r playing well n entertaining in their own ways. Paras is a nutcase but a complete entertainer. The girls r all cry babies. Lost all the little admiration i had for shehnaz after knowing about her tantrums from koena and himanshi.

  4. Happy both are out. Please don’t take them back. Besides fighting and cooking with a frowning face they are not at all entertaining. Don’t want to see them in BB house again.

  5. i ave not been liking both of them by their behaviour and why they should have been out because of thier over confidence . they wee thinking we will be safe any way lets help thunk paras and mahira.

  6. They both are such a pain in arse instead of Devo shefali should have been there ….this two arse spoil the whole game …if they have less vote just remove them no secrets rooms for Homos…

  7. These two bitches Rashmi and Debo should never be let back in the house. Most negative and third rated whores. Apart from targeting Shukla and bickering behind people’s back these two swines have done nothing else. But they will suck Bigg Boss’s stinky dick and he will get them back into the house. Asshole motherfucker.

    • This language is beyond words. It comes from an illiterate person with no dignity and brain, using it on anyone is just sickening.

  8. Rashmi and Debo are the best. They play with dignity
    Shehnaz pretends to be innocent and flirts with all men, hence men like her, including Salman. By speaking innocently doesn’t mean you are innocent. But men just like superficial behaviour.
    Kudos to Rashmi and Debo – who have maintained their dignity and self respect. Unfortunately such behaviour is often perceived as boring by some people.

    • I Agree, the secret room is nonsense. BB13 makes up rules as they go along. When your out of the show you are out! No come back. Its not a fair game for other housemates.

  9. Rashmi is the most deserving contestant among all of them…..She is face of the winner of the BB 13. So c is most deserving to secret room…..

  10. they should bring Rasmi back i dont care about Devo she was very negative.
    just plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Bring Rashmi back

  11. Please bring Rashmi Desai back please big boss she deserve to be in not out please please we all want to see her back 🙏

  12. Why this extra favoritism? Of they couldn’t understand the game in the time given to them then should loose the chance and should be sacked. Both of them are loosers

  13. All 3 should leave the show and not come back in the house. If they come back in the show then this proves there is favoritism and the show if fixed for certain people to win. Its not fair on others in the house..Salman Khan needs to understand this.

  14. If they are evicted, means over . They should not return again. Otherwise it’s the insult of the voters. After all Rashmi Desai and devoleena are not playing game they are simply against Siddharth Shukla. Better throw paras chabra also .


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