Bigg Boss 13 Kashmera Shah requested Arti Singh’s fans said “Please don’t send me negative messages”


The contestants participating in Bigg Boss 13 have been supporting them since the beginning of the show. After each episode, contestants’ families share their thoughts through the media or the Internet. If we talk about Aarti Singh locked in the house, then his brother Krushna Abhishek is constantly hurting the other contestants through internet and supporting his sister. Krushna Abhishek openly supported his sister a few days ago when Arti Singh and Sidharth Shukla came face to face.

However, this time the wife of Krushna Abhishek and well-known actress, Kashmera Shah, has posted a post from her Insta account, in which she has sent a message to the fans of Arti Singh that she has sent him a message. Stop sending. Kashmera Shah wrote in her long post, ‘First thing is that I am a big fan of Bigg Boss 13, which is why I watch every episode of it whenever I get a chance. Along with this, there is Aarti in Bigg Boss 13, which is why I don’t want to miss an episode anyway. I am writing this post for all the fans of Aarti who are sending me constant messages. I cannot deliver your messages indoors. Bigg Boss is a reality show and I myself have been a part of it, which is why I know that the contestants don’t even know what is going on outside the house. ‘

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Firstly I am a HUUUUGGGEE fan of BIGG BOSS so as a fan of the show I watch every episode whenever I can. Also Arti being in the show is added reason for my interest. The reason I am posting here is for all the real Bigg Boss fans and Arti’ s fans, I cannot send messages to Anyone inside. Bigg Boss is a reality show and having been a part of this show I know how cut off the contestants are from the outside world and they have no idea what is going on outside. We Cannot send them messages so stop flooding our inboxes with your positive and negative messages to be sent to Arti. I am happy Arti is playing her game whichever she thinks is right and is no way being influenced by Krushna or I or anyone else as we have no contact with her inside. Her game is her game. And as for her haters if you don’t like her that is just too bad. You have to watch her till she is inside or till she wins. Stop your hate and spread love. Plus I have stopped reading negative comments in my inbox @artisingh5 @krushna30 @rishaabchauhaan

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Kashmera Shah further writes in her post, ‘I cannot deliver any message that comes in my inbox. I am glad that Aarti is playing her game and she is not in contact with me or Krushna. The game she is playing is her game. As far as Aarti’s haters are concerned, I would like to tell them that if you do not like Aarti, then it is your problem. As long as she is inside the house, you have to see it. You should stop spreading it, and start spreading love. Along with this, I have also stopped reading your negative messages.




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