Bigg Boss 13 Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum producer Sandiip Sikcand lashes out on Sidharth Shukla and slam makers of being biased and unfair

bigg boss 13 rashami breaking up with arhaan khan

Bigg Boss 13 is very fierce these days, The fight between Sidharth Shukla and Rashmi Desai became a major issue in the house. On the previous day, Sidharth Shukla teased Rashami Desai repeatedly by saying ‘such a girl’ on which Rashmi Desai has created a big uproar. So at the same time, there has been a ruckus on social media among the fans of Bigg Boss on their fight.

Many TV celebs and people associated with the glamor industry are giving their comments on their fight. Sandiip Sikcand, the producer of the TV serial Kaun Hum Kaum Tum (Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum), has also made many tweets about the weekend war of the past day. Even the producers have dubbed the makers of Bigg Boss even bypassed. He tweeted, ‘Bigg Boss 13 is a joke. I think if Siddharth Shukla even murders someone in the house, then everyone will justify him and treat him like a hero. Shem ‘right there, he has praised Rashmi Desai and Aseem Riyaz.

Not only Sandeep Sikand, many TV celebs have targeted Siddharth Shukla’s hot attitude. Prior to this, Niti Taylor also called Bigg Boss 13 a missed show. The weekend of the weekend over the feud between Rashmi Desai and Siddharth Shukla did not end completely. That is why the makers are going to show the glimpse of the weekend war on Monday. That is, this episode is also to be shown on Monday. By the way, what is your opinion on this quarrel. Comment and share your views below.



  1. Thanks and hats off Sandiip Sikand for taking an honest stand and commenting very honestly .Most celebrities dont dare to do that .
    BiggBoss 13 is the worst .
    BiggBoss is so biased that they invite their favourite ex contestants to comment and to go inside the house and humiliate anyone they are told to do.
    Kamya Punjabi Sambhawana Seth Dolly Bindra who are strong women , now have joined hands to blame Rashmi .I am sure none of them will ever tolerate to be called ” naukarani” ” esi ladki” ” tere jesi aurate ” ” tere liye darwaj band ” ( even when they were in BiggBoss .In sabne sabki band baza deni thi .None of them would have spared to reprimand Salman also ) Now they cant feel the humiliation Rashmi has to tolerate on national TV.These ex contestants and BiggBoss made Rashmi life an ugly ” TAMASHA ” for money .
    How can Salman shout at Rashmi so rudely whom he pretended to be her well wishers ?
    Is it fair to discuss any contestants personal life whom he/she dating or will marry on national TV? Will Kamya Punjabi, Gauhar Khan , Hina Khan appreciate that for their own personal relations with any guy ?Where is Rashmi’ s younger brother who owes a lot to Rashmi who worked hard from very tender age for her mother and brother ? Is he not watching his dear sister being humiliated by all on national TV ? If he was so concerned why didnt he tweet or wrote few words to stand by her sister ?Siddharth is given so much importance that Vikas Gupta,Paras,Mahira,Arti,Sana will never speak against him for their own benefit. Why other contestants who are against Asim, Rashmi, Vishal Aditya Singh and Shefali Bagga, Madhurima are made judges and witnesses both to narrate incidents to blame them and save Siddharth .Shefali Zariwala most manipulative contestant.She uses everyone for herself.She betrayed Asim as revenge ful as no one can imagine.She jumps in between all fights to blame Asim .How can she join Siddharth,Paras,Mahira,Arti if she claims to be sincere and honest .
    Disgusting.Pathetic .Unbearable .Unjust,Biased BiggBoss 13


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