Bigg Boss 13 Hindustani Bhau makes a shocking revelation about Rashami Desai and Arhaan Khan’s relationship, read details

bigg boss 13 rashami breaking up with arhaan khan

The 12th week of Bigg Boss 13 has started and Hindustani Bhau has been evicted since last night. Hindustani Bhau has made many kinds of revelations as soon as he is evicted and some unknown informations have come to light, after knowing that the land will slide under the feet of the fans. Speaking to India Forum, Vikas Pathak, popularly known as Hindustani Bhau, has said that he is happy with his journey and wishes all the best for his friends to move forward.

During this interview, Vikas has revealed the names of the top three contestants of the show. According to Vikas, Shehnaz Gill, Rashami Desai and Paras Chhabra are worthy of going to the top three.

With this, when Hindustani Bhau was questioned over the shattering relationship between Rashami Desai and Arhaan Khan, he gave his heartfelt reply. Hindustani Bhau said that, ‘Under whose shape the incense sticks burn, only one knows that. It is a wrong thing to judge someone. If I am, I will say that understand each other and take decisions. If done well, I will say that all is right by the mercy of God. If it is not correct then I will say that we got it because I had gone to explain with love. The one who went in the middle will be the first one. There it happens that people do not want to speak between each other. It’s is their personal matter, let them sort it out among themselves.

At the moment, if we talk of Hindustani Bhau, then he took a wild card entry with a total of 5 people at Bigg Boss house. For the moment, tell in the comment box that how much you are going to miss Hindustani Bhau in Bigg Boss 13 house?



  1. No thank you we in London won’t miss bhau at all. He sounded as if he was drunk all the time. Slept AOTA for his young age. He has a black heart and he is against Shukla . We love Shukla. No woman outside BB house has ever said any derogatory things against Shukla behaviour!

  2. We in London do not love Shukla’s behaviour at all. He needs to behave decent, especially with the ladies and know how to sit in front of the ladies, in his shorts, without spreading his legs, all the time. He needs to control his temper and play tasks in the right spirit of the game.
    Shukla be a man, stop being abusive and do not back bite all the time.

    • No one will miss this lazy man. What contributions he made in the house except playing behind all the woman in the house. Always backbiting & sleeping

  3. We in South Africa watching BB regularly the show was not really intertaning without Sidhath.
    He is a true man and watching BB just bacause of SID and Shehnaz.

  4. Mature response..Shukla has no respect ,control or even decency to live with people well..In London we don’t support how he keeps on abusing and bitching Rashami that she is stupid and damn..We can clearly see his character even when the makers are favoring him..

    • Dear are you really in London? You can barely write English correctly darling. Do they not teach proper English in London? Or is it because you wish you lived in London.


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