Bigg Boss 13 Hindustani Bhau lashes out on Sidharth Shukla and Paras Chhabra after his elimination

sidharth shukla bigg boss 13

Hindustani Bhau has been evicted from Bigg Boss house and he has spoke post eviction in an intervirw.. As soon as Hinustani Bhau comes out of Bigg Boss 13 house, Hindustani Bhau has openly expressed his opinion on the family. Also, Hindustani Bhau have spoken on how his journey has been in this house so far. The special thing is that even though he is happy with his eviction, he has fiercely raged against Siddharth Shukla and Paras Chhabra.

Speaking about the actor Siddharth Shukla, who is considered to be the strongest contestant in the house, Hindustani Bhau has said that he does not like him at all. Bhau said, ‘Everyone likes you on TV but when you stay with him for 24 hours, then his actions and mannerisms start showing you.’

Speaking on Siddharth Shukla, Bhau said, “He made a similar mistake with me.” Aarti, who is Siddharth’s friend, has got a panic attack because of that. I shouted at Siddharth at the time. I told him that you do not have the capacity to talk to girls. Then you lose your temper, so you don’t care who you are talking to. Abusing girls, speaking on their character is your standard. You are the star of TV but I am thousand times better than you. I had a fight with Paras Chhabra on this also. ‘

Hindustani Bhau’s point was when Paras and Aarti Singh had a fight and they had made a rude talk about Aarti Singh on national television. After this Aarti Singh complained to Siddharth Shukla for not supporting him. On which the actor turned upside down on Aarti and due to their quarrel, Aarti Singh had a panic attack.



  1. My 12 yr daughter watch bigg boss and then one day she told me I hate siddharth sukla nd paras is like a dustbin, when ever u open to throw garbage bad smell will come. Loves asim nd she always asked why on weekend nobody says a single word to paras nd sid.always criticized asim. Is this a society? Being good is so bad

    • It will be nice if at that age she focuses more on studies and relaxed fun stuff than watching bigg boss. The timing of the show also indicates not for minors.

  2. Come on guys , Hindustani bhau is a cry baby ! Can’t help noticing he lashed at the 2 most handsome men in BB house. Beau is jealous of Siddharth and Paras. He is supposedly 36 years and yet he looks 60 years old. Unlike Shukla who is his age mate at 39 years. Also bhau was disgusting about women and body shamed Paras legs and the way Paras walked. Glad The imatured bhau is gone. Welcome back King Shukla.

  3. Hindustani bhau ye jo tu Sidharth shukla k bary me itna sub bol raha hai na tere bary me ginany ko aie na tu tere kiye howay kand ki list khatam nahi honi or agar tu itna hi sucha hota na to tu aj tu ghar k under hota or Sidharth bahir tu Hindustani bhau nahi balke tu Hindustani Rothlo hai that’s it.

  4. Why! ? Bhau would be jealous with shukla
    Shukla has all bad qualities like he is jealous
    He never respect women’s in the house
    He is tauting on them like Aunties
    His talking style so irritating & harsh
    He gossiping about his friends


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