Bigg Boss 13 Himanshi Khurana reacts to host Salman Khan washing dishes says “this drama is for 630Cr…”

Himanshi Khurana bigg boss 13

A video of Bigg Boss 13’s wild card contestant Himanshi Khurana is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In this video, Himanshi was seen making fun of host Salman Khan. In this video you can see that Himanshi Khurana is seen sitting in a salon. During this, a person was heard questioning Himanshi while making a video. This person asks Himanshi Khurana that Salman Khan was washing dirty dishes in Bigg Boss house. Was he doing a drama?

Himanshi Khurana nods yes while answering this question. After this Himanshi Khurana goes on to say- ‘Salman Khan is the host of this show and for this he is charging 630 crores. Because of which they have to do all these things. After this you can see the video that the person who shoots with camera and Himanshi Khurana discuss the fees of Salman.

This time when Salman Khan’s Weekend ka Vaar was telecast on Sunday, the show’s host Salman appeared during this time taking class for Asim. This behavior of Salman Khan was not liked by Himanshi Khurana and social media users after this, #ViewersChoiceAsim trending in support of Asim. Moreover, Himanshi Khurana tweeted on social media and said- ‘I am proud of you’ Let us tell you, in the house of Bigg Boss 13, Himanshi Khurana and Asim Riaz were really close to each other until she got evicted from BB house. During that time both of them had come into considerable discussion. Do you agree with Himanshi’s words? Comment below.



  1. I agree with Himanshi. Because captain was Sana he went and do this. To support her Salman do this. I never understand why Salman is supporting Sana too much. After all she is a flipper . Salman is flirting with Sana disgusting to see that.

    • She’s not a flipper. She’s protecting her interests and understand that no one is taking her side constantly abusing her and calling her dumb when in fact she is very smart.

      No one deserves that disrespect. She shows respect to all the players mostly that’s why they like her all, she isn’t a flipper.

      Mahira should have been cut long time ago. She is the real one being favored by Salman for no reason.

  2. Sana is a complete ignorant girl.. she acts like a prostitue.. sleeps with Sid in same bed under the same quilt .. how she not arouse Sid .. she also is an attention seeker seeking footage by acting so stupiedly.. fake cry fake laugh .. fed up of her .. kick her out for god sake..

    • Mahira acts like the prostitute kissing a guy with a girlfriend outside with no regard. Atleast Shenaaz is just hugging sidarth and he’s single. Not like Mahira.

      She is playing the game well and is keeping it positive with every player unlike the rest. She also knows how to respond and does what she wants unlike the other girls.

      Get a brain.

  3. We Talking about Himanshi Khurana not about Any Others. Now Himanshi Khurana has no Rights to make Fun of Salman Khan. He did what he has to do And it’s not Part of the Show or he has to do it because he is Charging to much for Show. Himanshi Khurana was doing the same thing as Shehnaz doing. She has Boy Friend or Fiancee but She was Still Sleeping Close to Asim and have Says Words which Clearly was Showing Either She Making Fool to Asim or She was in Love with him as Well. Anyway before you Point Your One Finger to Anyone, Don’t forget Other Fingers You Pointing To Yourself. If Himanshi Khurana was so good why People Less Voted her and Let her go and Entertainment Shehnaz Why She is Still in Show and Serviving.

  4. Himashi khurana is A bitch of that dog asim so she will talk nonsense for everyone who will make that dog realise his sins. himashi khurana should first watch herself in a mirror before even commenting on anyone. She is a looser, a psychopath, a loose character who kept her so called bf aside and was flirting and getting cosy with that asim. So she has no goddamn right to even speak about sid Or salman Or sana.ask her to shut up.

    • He’s not a dog he’s a great player. Also Himanshi was more deserving to stay then Mahira which has no brain of her own following Paras, Madhurima that clings to Vishal, Shefali Z. With no game plan following Siddarth, Aarti following Siddarth and Paras following Siddarth, they are his dogs.

      Atleast Asim stands alone. Get a brain.

  5. Who is Salman Khan? & Where is Himanshi Khurana? Making herself Viral that she paid to the camera person or camera person belongs to her & making this bullshit video. She just wants to be famous by tagging her name with Salman Khan


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