Bigg Boss 13 Himanshi Khurana lashes out on Salman Khan for blaming Asim Riaz for her breakup during Weekend Ka Vaar

Himanshi Khurana bigg boss 13

Even if Himanshi Khurana is not in the house of Bigg Boss 13, but outside the house, Hasina of Punjab remains in the limelight continuously. Sometimes she is seen expressing her love to Asim Riaz and sometimes she is seen cheating on Shehnaz Gill. At the time, a lot of things started happening in Bigg Boss house when Shefali Jariwala’s husband Parag Tyagi had revealed that Himanshi Khurana had a breakup due to Asim Riaz. . That thing is different, Asim Riaz’s happiness did not last long.

We are saying this because, in Weekend ka Vaar, Salman Khan blamed Asim Riaz for the breakup of Himanshi Khurana. He accused Asim Riaz that, due to Asim Riaz, Himanshi Khurana and his fiancée separated. By the way, Himanshi Khurana has not liked the accusation of Salman Khan on Asim. That is why this Hasina of Punjab has given advice to Salman Khan. Recently Himanshi Khurana has expressed his anger on Salman Khan by tweeting. Himanshi Khurana has written that all is not going well. Nobody has any right to talk about my personal life. Whatever happens will be with me. Neither Asim Riaz is wrong nor I, I have had a breakup just because of circumstances.

While talking further, Himanshi Khurana wrote, this happens in everyone’s life. Why is this so much ruckus happening in both of us? Himanshi is clear with her statement that she does not hold Asim Riaz responsible for the breakup.

See Himanshi Khurana’s tweet-

Himanshi Khurana’s tweet makes it clear that she is targeting Salman Khan as well as all those who blame Asim (Asim Riaz) for their breakup. However, please comment on your opinion on this issue.


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