Bigg Boss 13: Here’s Why Popular Chef Vikas Khanna is Impressed With Asim Riaz!


Bigg Boss 13 completes its fifteenth week. In a very significant Weekend Ka Vaar marked by the presence of celebrities like Deepika Padukone and celebrity chef Vikas Khanna, the show had something pleasant to see for a change. However, the bonhomie won’t last long in the house considering the deep rifts between the contestants.

Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar Updates – Why Was Chef Vikas Khanna Impressed With Asim Riaz?

Celebrity chef Vikas Khanna entered the Bigg Boss 13 house to conduct a cooking task between the contestants. He was in the house as a part of a promotional task for Quaker Oats. Vikas Khanna split the housemates into two teams and he instructed them to make some delicious dishes in the house.

Vikas Khanna was delighted to be a part of the Bigg Boss 13 house at least with this task in mind. However, after the episode Vikas Khanna shared a heart warming image of Asim Riaz feeding Vikas Khanna. Vikas Khanna mentioned that he was humbled and touched by Asim’s gesture to feed him before he had the food.

Vikas Khanna explained that after staying in the house for fifteen weeks with limited resources, anyone would long for a meal cooked by a Michelin star chef and the immediate reaction would be to eat it first. However, Asim was the only contestant who offered food to Vikas before he had some of it.

While Vikas appreciated Asim’s gesture, his feed was flooded with rude comments asking why Asim was the only one who impressed him.

Do you think Asim Riaz deserves to be praised or is Vikas Khanna a fan of Asim Riaz? Let us know in the comments below.



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