Bigg Boss 13 Gauahar Khan lashes out on Sidharth Shukla for abusing Asim Riaz’s father

GAUAHAR KHAN kasautii zindagii kay 2 komolika

Last day, once again in the house of Bigg Boss 13, fight was seen again between the old friend and now the new enemy i.e. Asim Riaz and Siddharth Shukla (Sidharth Shukla). Siddharth Shukla approaches Asim in the garden area and threatens them to not force them to lose their temper repeatedly. In response to this, Aseem Riyaz also appears to be trying to provoke him in a fit of excitement. But once again in this story, Siddharth Shukla loses his temper and starts speaking lewd things to Aseem’s father. On this, infinitely Riyaz also loses his temper and does an equal fight.

After watching this episode, TV star and Bigg Boss ex contestant Gauahar Khan has also lost his head. He has cast his anger on Siddharth Shukla. Gauhar Khan tweeted and wrote, ‘Father in every episode! Fight on your own! If you have the strength! Go weak on someone’s father! And if someone justifies that all abuses, then they give to each other, only the human being does it in every episode. Just do it too! This is so outrageous. ‘You can see this tweet below.

Despite millions of efforts, the gap between Aseem Riyaz and Siddharth Shukla is getting deeper. Both are neither ready to put mud on the old things nor are they ready to ignore each other. The battle of the two is becoming more and more fierce in every episode. What is your opinion on this topic? Comment us and tell us. After their behavior, who do you want to see in both of them wearing the crown of victory? You can also tell us by commenting.



    • Tum apne dimaag air aankho ka ilaaj karao
      Ghatia bhalu ka saath nahi do Asim is.a gentleman .
      Sid is beast even he doesn’t care about Sana. He is treating his own friend Sana like janwar jiski jagah jungle mai hai bb13 mai nahi.

  1. Sid is a mean man always against Rashmi and fight. Never do any work in house. And calls Shehnaaz fatty he don’t know how to respect any girl and family

  2. I hope ms gauhar u r watching bb13 on colors. Because on colors opposite happening. Sid is just reacting not acting. Ur asim riaz is actually doing all that shit that u re talking about.

  3. Definately want to see Siddharth as d winner..
    Asim just provokes him.. N thn try to play d victimized game.. If sud is tht bad thn better stay away frm him.. All d in house r earning their footage points on using siddharth.. Thts very clear..
    So full support to siddharth for still holding himself

    • Asimnis always keeping distance from ghatia Sia. But Sid Paras always follow and provoke Asim to get footage. Since last Sunday Asim is quiet not interfering in any conversation but Bhalu he is so insecure,scared of Asim’s popularity you can feel from Sid’s gesture when he speaks to Asim with aggressiveness.

  4. Asim hi jeetna chahiye kyon ki woh Sidharth Shukla ki tarah gaaliyan ( Baap ki) nahi deta aur Sidharth Shukla ke lakh darane ke bawzood woh muh thod jawab deta hai aur baki sab ki tarah darr ke maare Sidharth Shukla ki haan mein haan nahi milta.


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