Bigg Boss 13 Finale Winner – 7 Reasons on Why Sidharth Shukla will win BB 13, Asim Riaz First Runner and Rashami Desai as Second Runner, Read and Vote Below

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The finale of Bigg Boss 13, the most controversial show of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan (Salman khan) is coming as close as possible. The competition to win the show among contestants is increasing even more, but there is no doubt that no matter how hard all the householders try to win the Bigg Boss 13 Trophy, but the winner There will be only one. There is an increasing anxiety among the audience that who will be the member whose head will crown the crown of Bigg Boss 13. According to the news, it is heard that the top finalists of Bigg Boss 13 will be Aseem Riaz, Siddharth Shukla and Rashmi Desai. But in these days, Siddharth Shukla seems to have the trophy of this season.

Today we are going to tell you about 7 such reasons, after knowing that you will also get up saying that the winner of the show should only be Siddharth Shukla. Let us see what are the 7 reasons:

  1. The most popular of all contestants
    There is no doubt that Sidharth Shukla is more popular than all the contestants present in the house and homeless and he has tremendous fan following outside the house.

  2. Siddharth Shukla has a huge female following ready to vote
    Sidharth Shukla has been a part of the TV industry for a long time. And not only the audience of his acting but crores of girls are crazy. This season of Bigg Boss 13 has been seen flirting with Madhurima Tuli, Rashmi Desai and Devolina Bhattacharjee. After that Siddharth Shukla has become a crush of crores of girls.

  3. The highest content given in the show
    Whether it is a fight, entertainment in the house or fun among all the contestants. Sidharth Shukla (Sidharth Shukla) has been liked by his fans in every way. This is also the reason that Siddharth did not get out of the house even after so much rash and scuffle by the makers. Because his contribution to the show has been considerable.

  4. Salman Khan always got support
    Salman Khan also repeatedly explained the anger and anger of Siddharth Shukla (Sidharth Shukla) every weekend. Even Salman gave Siddharth Shukla many tips to control anger.

  5. Never stand back in the game
    Asim Riyaz and Sidharth Shukla (Sidharth Shukla) had a great friendship in the early days. During that time Siddharth took Aseem along with him in many things. But even when he befriended Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma, Siddharth supported both of them at every step. The important thing is that Siddharth has brought Shahnaz Gill and Aarti Singh to this show by never staying back and giving them the right advice on step by step.

  6. Hands mixed with enemies (Paras-Mahira-Rashmi and Devo)
    However, Sidharth Shukla (Sidharth Shukla) emerged as the strongest contestant in the game from the beginning. Bigg Boss also nominated 2 weeks for his behavior several times. But the fans saved him every time and supported him. After the battle with Asim, Siddharth also befriended Paras, Mahira, Rashmi and Devo. After which his image emerged even more.

  7. Most support from TV industry
    Whether he was the winner of Bigg Boss or was a part of this show. In this season of Bigg Boss 13, only Sidharth Shukla has got the most support from the TV industry. Many times tweets have also been tweeted for him in millions.

Who will enter Bigg Boss 13 Finale directly?

Asim Riaz
Rashami Desai
Sidharth Shukla
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