Bigg Boss 13 Finale Eviction – Is Asim Riaz getting eliminated from the show after taking money bag? Read Below


Salman Khan’s controversial show Bigg Boss 13 finale has just a few hours left. In such a situation, one such news is coming out on social media, which is increasing the heartbeat of the people. The viewers of this show are eager to know who is going to be the winner? Also, there is a question in everyone’s mind that who will take home a bag of money on the night of the finale? A shocking news related to the money bag has been revealed. It is being claimed in many media reports that Asim Riaz is the only person who can come out of the house with a suitcase containing money.

In such a situation, this type of news is quite shocking for the fans of Asim Riaz and many fans have been disappointed that how can Asim Riaz do this by coming to the last stop of the game. Well?

Well, there is a post from the official Twitter handle of Asim Riaz, which the fans will surely take a sigh of relief after reading. Asim has posted a tweet from Riaz’s Twitter handle and it reads, ‘Do not believe any rumors … Asim Riaz has not taken a bag of money. This strategy is made just to disappoint you. To make Asim Riaz the winner, you keep voting for him till the end of the show. ‘

See the tweet from the Twitter handle of Asim Riaz below.

Salman Khan disappointed with the makers
At the same time, it is also heard that the makers have been in Sidharth Shukla’s favor since the beginning. In such a situation, he is going to make Siddharth Shukla the winner of this show. If information is revealed, Salman Khan is not convinced that Sidharth Shukla (Sidharth Shukla) should be made the winner of this show.

How to vote in Bigg Boss 13 Finale

  • Using Voot app which is available for both IOS and Android from official Google Playstore and Apple Store. Install the app, sign up and search for “Bigg Boss Voting”, Vote for your favourite contestant.
  • Using Jio app, search for “Bigg Boss Voting” and vote for your favourite contestant
  • Using website url Register online and vote for your favourite contestant

We also have the TheNewsCrunch Voting Poll for Bigg Boss 13 Grand Finale and it’s transparent and it will give you an idea of who will be the winner of Bigg Boss 13 Finale

Who will win Bigg Boss 13 Title?

Asim Riaz
Shehnaaz Gill
Sidharth Shukla
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