Bigg Boss 13 fans react on Arhaan Khan’s romantic pictures with Rashami Desai

arhaan khan to propose rashami with a ring

That is what a user commented on Arhaan Khan’s photo, now leave the chase of Rashmi Desai, no one is watching the camera anymore. At the same time a user wrote, Arhaan Khan, everything will be fine in Rashami Desai’s life as soon as you leave. You should get separated from Rashami Desai. Rashami Desai’s family is far from her because of you.

Not only this, a user ridiculed Arhaan Khan fiercely and said, It seems that Arhan Khan still has not got the key to Rashami Desai’s flat. That’s why you are sharing romantic photos with her. So that, you can get the key.

See such fun comments from people-
arhaan khan romantic pic

arhaan khan romantic pic

arhaan khan romantic pic
It is clear from the comments of the people that, people are getting very angry on these antics of Arhan Khan. However, please comment on your opinion on this issue.



  1. Its over to rashmi to decide her future. Who she wants to be with.

    To me sid and she makes a beautiful pair. But both are worse than tom and jerry.

    Lets wait and see


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